What If?

Evil often plagues mortals by persistently arguing that although they may be getting along reasonably well in some ways, there is a hitch somewhere. Perhaps it is an unhappy home, busybody relatives, friction in business, burdensome debt, a shady past, an uncertain future, grief for a dear one no longer here, a false appetite fought against but not overcome, a painfully unpleasant disposition, or a lingering sickness.

But, questions Mary Baker Eddy in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 425 ), "What if the belief is consumption? God is more to a man than his belief, and the less we acknowledge matter or its laws, the more immortality we possess." Yes. God surely is more to you and to me than consumption, or any phase of mortal belief. What if error does argue a mountainlike problem? God, our infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God, is still more to us than that, is He not? We need to know this and apply all we know of Him to annihilate the belief, however perplexing, with which evil would beset us. Remember all belief is fiction, not substance or reality.

Ask yourself: "How much more is God to me than this problem? Can any problem be more to me than my God?" Realize that the basis of Christian Science is the scientific fact that God is All; that infinity is filled with God's presence; that all power, substance, and action are God's; that God constitutes all individuality; that apart from Him, nothing is that is. Is God really this much to you, the All-in-all, the all-cause expressed in all effect? Can any mortal problem come into the consciousness of omniscient Mind, or into divine Life and its individualized expression?

Christian Science denies that the physical senses and material reasoning give us the true view of existence. They give us only a temporary, counterfeit concept of it. Such testimony it traces back to negative mortal mind. Indeed, such testimony is only in this alleged mind. Truth is God, the infinite, eternal Mind, containing its ideas and identities, and perpetually conditioning them all by its omnipotent, constructive forces.

Do not consent to believe you are a fearful, limited mortal trying to improve your status. Start with the scientific premise that your only real individuality is actually the spiritual, perfect expression of infinite Life and Love—now. Therefore, no phase of mortal mind's lying concept of life and man can affix itself to your being, amalgamate with your consciousness, or dispossess you of your citizenship in God's kingdom, and the complete and continuous superiority over mortal mind and its totality of lies, with which God endows you.

What if the belief was a boasting Goliath armed with and armored in matter? David knew God Almighty was more to him than that ensemble of evil. What if the belief was a lacerated body laid aside for dead in an airless tomb? Jesus defied this murderous belief with the spiritual understanding that God, Spirit, was more to him than all matter argued, for God was his Mind, his Life, and his substance. What if the belief was a whole world deaf to the Christ Science? God was more to Mrs. Eddy than that belief of frustration.

Yes, we may even say, What if the belief is the hell of battle on land, sea or in the air with the forces of destruction apparently all about? God is even more to man than that belief, for man is spiritual, not material. No aggregation of material things and forces can alter this God-supported fact. Man is not in matter, or in any material environment, and there are no forces that can put him there. Man is in God, infinite Mind, Life, and Love. It is high time we use the moral courage Mind gives us to stand on and for these absolute, scientific truths, and reap the blessings they bring.

Man cannot be victimized, terrorized, or despotized by any belief, or beliefs, of mortal mind, however named. He belongs not to its futile, fragile kingdom. He cannot be mesmerized by its lies. His God is his All. In God only are his life, his health, his home, his activity, his relationships, and his peace. Besides God, nothing is. In God is all that is, today, tomorrow, forever. The material scene is not the smallest threat to the spiritual fact. God's Christ is here, this fact fully to reveal to you and me, and to make us increasingly aware of our divine security, grounded in our oneness with God.

The impotence of error's lies to breach the impregnable infinitude of God, wherein is His family of ideas, was seen by the prophet when he said: "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord."

Yes, what if the belief seems big and defiant? What if it gives itself what one may believe is the worst possible name? What if it would threaten the whole structure of our existence? God is still more—eternally more—to man than his belief. God is All. To God and His, no belief is.

Paul Stark Seeley
June 17, 1944

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