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Catching light

From the August 10, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Catching fireflies was part of the fun of summer for my brothers and me. With a big jar at the ready, we’d run through the night with a net, gently capturing the brightly glowing insects. Leaning in, we’d watch them blink in the darkness, until it was time to let them go. 

I’m someone who’s always loved chasing after light. As cool as fireflies are, though, their glow only lasted for a “flash” during those summer evenings. But in my Christian Science Sunday School, I was discovering a whole new kind of light that lasts forever. It’s the radiant presence of God’s love—infinite and eternal like Him. It can never flicker out or fade away. It shines over all His creation, chasing away the darkness of fear and sickness and bringing comfort and healing to each of His children. I was learning to expect light when I prayed. 

Kids - illustration

A few years later, when I was a teenager, I had an opportunity to do just that. My mom and dad and I had been praying with a Christian Science practitioner to heal a stubborn problem that was keeping me from enjoying school and my activities and friends. This wasn’t how I’d pictured this time—not having enough strength to keep up. I wanted to feel better. But most of all I wanted to feel the healing comfort of God, divine Love. 

One day, after I’d been praying on my own and listening to God, I stood up and walked into another room. In a moment, the room was filled with a brilliant light. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before! I felt like I was standing in the pure atmosphere of God’s love, actually right within the kingdom of heaven. The joyful words came to me, “This is where I truly live!” 

Along with this realization of complete safety came the total relief that we are all truly and completely spiritual because God is Spirit. And that meant I must always include the qualities of health, strength, and wholeness. No longer did I think of myself as a sick girl. I knew I was God’s loved idea, His daughter. Within just a few weeks, that persistent problem totally disappeared, and I was back to my normal, energetic self. 

As for the beautiful light of fireflies, seeing them will always be a delight. But the healing light I experienced that day is the brightest and most thrilling of all to me. And it’s a light that’s there for all of us to discover.

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