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Freedom: What spiritual healing can do for you

- Sentinel Audio Chat

“There’s a huge hunger to be free—and there’s also a wonderful spiritual solution,” says Melissa Hayden in her opening remarks for this chat. And she elaborates on that spiritual solution as she responds to questions about grief, delayed healing, and a spouse’s frustration with a husband who is addicted to alcoholic drinks. She offers thoughts on how to help a relative with medical problems and on dealing with regret about the past, and she addresses concerns about unemployment.

“Spiritual healing is about bringing God into one’s experience,” says Melissa. She explains that getting to know God takes one’s thought off whatever the condition that needs healing might be and enables one to recognize the larger, holier sense of life and experience that God provides. “Whenever we’re praying, it’s so important to start with God, with His allness and love, to recognize the wonderful sense that God is and exists.” She says that doing so will lead us to what we should do next in our prayers, and ultimately to healing and freedom.

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