I was first attracted to Christian Science through a healing my...

I was first attracted to Christian Science through a healing my father had in Science. During the Depression of the 1930s, the business that my brother and I operated was in financial trouble, and we were told that Christian Science could help us. We started studying the Bible Lesson and soon asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for us. One of the first thoughts the practitioner shared with us was that our real need was not for money but for right ideas, which always have their source in God.

As we worked and prayed for right ideas, our business began to improve and we were able to pay off our debts. We received wonderful cooperation from our creditors, which enabled us to meet our obligations to them. Our business then became a well-established firm in our community, and we enjoyed many years of success. There were times along the way when we had difficulties to overcome, but always Christian Science met our needs.

I am grateful that my wife is a Scientist and that we were able to help our growing family through practice of this Science. As a result of prayer, healings the children experienced included an overnight healing of blisters from exposure to the sun, the removal of a facial growth, and a quick recovery from apparent pneumonia.

Two serious conditions were healed instantaneously. One was my release from a painful condition that occurred after I had unwittingly spent several hours in a room that had escaping fumes from a gas heater. The other healing was of a painful back that had prevented my being comfortable in any position.

I am also grateful for my healing of the desire to smoke. This healing came when I took the stand that nothing could keep me from applying for membership in the local branch church. The healing was immediate. I am also grateful for membership in The Mother Church, for Christian Science class instruction, and for all the opportunities to serve in many capacities in a branch church.

Robert B. Danielson
Lincoln, Nebraska

My husband's experiences in this Science, told above, are true. With much wisdom and love, he helped me accept Science. I remember well the efforts and progress that were made. Our children were healed as he has described, and there were other healings too. Christian Science is clearly a logical and demonstrable teaching.

Josephine O. Danielson
September 25, 1989

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