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"God loves me" is a prayer

When I was about four or five years old, my family moved from Michigan to Alaska. Alaska is sometimes called the "Land of the Midnight Sun." During the summer, the sun shines just about all night long. You can go outside in the middle of the night and play! It won't be as bright as during the day, but light enough.

We didn't have a house of our own right after we moved, so we lived with my grandma and grandpa. Grandma fixed up beds for my four brothers and me downstairs in a big room that had windows all along the upper half of two walls. There were curtains on the windows, but they didn't keep out very much sunlight.

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One night, not long after we'd arrived, I was lying in my bed, feeling very sad. I couldn't get to sleep with all that sunlight. And I was afraid that in the morning I would be tired and unhappy. I knew my mom, dad, and grandma prayed to God when they had a problem, so that's what I decided to do.

I didn't worry about how to pray—I just thought about what I'd learned in Sunday School. I knew that God is Love. And I knew that God is good and that God loves me. I also knew that God doesn't make anything bad (like feeling unhappy or tired).

As I thought about how much God loves me, a really wonderful thing happened—I felt God with me. I saw light—not the sunlight but the light of God. I felt God all around me, loving me. It wasn't like a person hugging me, but like being wrapped up in happiness and love. I knew everything was all right.

The next thing I heard were my grandma's footsteps as she came happily down the stairs to wake us up, just as she did every morning. I opened my eyes and felt wide awake, rested, and ready for a big day. It was as though the whole night had gone by in less time than it takes to blink your eyes!

We each can feel God with us anytime—in the dark, in the light, day or night.

Even today I can still go to sleep peacefully if the room is bright. Sometimes, I raise the blinds on purpose and fall asleep in the midnight sun. When I do, I remember the first healing I ever had by myself—just me and God. I feel God with me, and I know that He loves me and that everything is all right.

We each can feel God with us anytime—in the dark, in the light, day or night. And we can pray and be healed by knowing that God loves us!

Dear Sentinel,
October 2, 2000

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