Association inspiration brings quick healing

I recall a time when I experienced flulike symptoms, and I called a Christian Science practitioner for Christian Science treatment. As she was praying for me, I tried to better understand God as good and to feel His presence with me, but I found my thought kept focusing on just wanting the symptoms to go away.

Later that day, I remembered something this practitioner had once said to me (during a conversation we’d had years before) about how sometimes we can become so absorbed with thinking about what is going on with the body, when what we really need is to stop focusing on the body and turn our thought to what God is doing. This is what leads to healing.

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I really wanted to put that into practice. I began reading some notes I had taken during one of my Christian Science students’ association meetings (an annual meeting of students who took Christian Science Primary class instruction with the same teacher). My prayerful reading centered on Life, which is another name for God. That association meeting had really elucidated for me that Life, God, is truly All; Life is eternal; our life is in God, Spirit, and not in matter; our spiritual identity and individuality are forever one with divine Life. As the Bible says, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

As I considered these wonderful ideas, I felt so inspired. A feeling of spiritual light filled my whole being. I knew that all was well. I was no longer worried, but confident in the Truth that I was perceiving. The symptoms I had been experiencing completely disappeared.

I was so grateful for that quick physical healing and to be well again, but the most significant healing was in consciousness—giving me a securer sense of the allness of Life and our oneness with this Life, God. God is so good, and loves and takes care of all of us.

There’s another healing I’d like to share, too. I woke up one morning with cold symptoms. Before I got out of bed, I decided to pray in order to listen to ideas from God that I knew would heal me. Immediately, this message came to mind: Health is the consciousness of harmony. This idea is from a statement by Christian Science Discoverer Mary Baker Eddy that has helped me realize that our true health comes from God: “Health is the consciousness of the unreality of pain and disease; or, rather, the absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else” (Rudimental Divine Science, p. 11).

I saw that I could focus that day on the harmonious law of God that was governing every moment. I had a full day ahead of me, but rather than feeling daunted by what lay ahead, I knew I could focus on this law of harmony, which was already present. It wasn’t my job to make the day harmonious. I only had to better understand the allness of that divine law of harmony operating in my experience. That kind of mental shift is a yielding to God, which allows us to be gentle, graceful, and humble, rather than willful or discordant. 

All of these thoughts took place in just a moment, and when they came, I felt completely at peace and was instantly well. What was clearly evident to me in this healing was that these were angel messages from God. It wasn’t positive thinking or me simply thinking about God; it was Christ, Truth, active in my consciousness, bringing to light the understanding that freed me. 

I am so grateful for the inspiration that brought about the physical healing and showed me that God is always with us.

Lindsey Biggs 
Maryland Heights, Missouri, US

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