I had a healing when I was younger that happened just as I was really beginning to practice and understand Christian Science on my own. The healing is as important to me now as it was then.

When I was ten, I discovered a wart on one of my hands. As a kid who just wanted to have fun, I ignored it, assuming and hoping that it would vanish on its own. Months went by, though, and the wart was still there. My friends started noticing when more warts began appearing on my other fingers. I became so embarrassed that I finally gave up my ten-year-old pride and went to my mom. I sat on her bed and told her the bumps on my hands weren't going away, and together we decided to call a Christian Science practitioner. (My mom had actually noticed the issue earlier, and had been praying for me, and while she'd suggested before that I work with a practitioner, this was the first time I was really open to praying about it through Christian Science.)

I don't remember exactly what the practitioner said to me, but I do remember something my mom said that really helped. Always one to encourage writing, she gave me the task of putting "wart" into an acrostic poem that reversed the ugly pictur and that instead reflected what was spiritually true about me. The results were: W: worthy; A: angel idea; R: reflection of God, pure and whole; T: true idea of God.

The concepts I came up with in writing this poem inspired me to see myself from a spiritual point of view. This was really helpful, since I was feeling discouraged because my friends would ask why I just didn't solve the problem with medicine.

My younger sister and I were the only Christian Scientists at our school, and it was hard sometimes, especially when it felt like there was no one who would understand us. One of my best friends had a sister who was also dealing with warts on her hands, and this friend constantly asked why I didn't use a medicinal method. Each time I would explain to her a little bit about how Christian Science healing works, but I quickly discovered that most kids my age at school hadn't heard of Christian Science, or that they mistakenly believed it to be the same as Scientology. When I think about the situation now, I realize one of the main things I had to deal with was discouragement, which made me feel I was different from my school friends.

As I continued to pray about the warts, I began to read my Bible Lesson each day before school, and I found that it helped me prepare for my day by first preparing my thought. I not only got inspiring ideas that helped me pray about the physical issue, but reading it also made me feel more confident about tests and other challenges during the day. I started to see my friends as children of God and their comments about my hands as merely expressing concern.

By turning my thought around, I was also able to accept and appreciate the help of the Christian Science practitioner and my mom as we worked together toward my physical healing.

I began to see that I really needed to dive deeper in my thinking and my understanding of spiritual sense, instead of just hoping the warts would go away on their own. One idea that was helpful came from the story of Moses. Before speaking in front of Pharaoh, Moses is told by God to slide his hand into his shirt. When he removes it, his hand looks leprous. Repeating the action, he removes it and it is completely clean again, showing that God is more powerful than the thought or suggestion of disease (see Ex. 4:6, 7).

I recall really being able to relate this story to my situation. When Moses' hand came out completely clean, it showed me that God is more powerful than fear, or the thought of suggestion. Because I was able to relate to the story on a material level (since I was dealing with a fear of imperfection on my hand, as well), it helped put the issue into spiritual perspective for me. It was an inspiring example of how what's spiritually true can overcome and replace a material picture.

After I took charge of my thought, the healing came quickly. As I dedicated myself to praying, the warts faded naturally over the next several weeks. I was so incredibly thankful for the lessons I learned while praying, even though it wasn't always easy. This was the first healing where I actually prayed myself, too, instead of just having my mom or a practitioner pray for me. I think more than anything, it helped me become the Christian Scientist I am today.

Now, as a junior in high school, I feel that I've been well prepared for any more challenges I may face. Even as time passes, the gifts of healing that God gives us are not forgotten; we can always learn from them. My healing is timeless! css

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I not only got inspiring ideas that helped me pray about the physical issue, but I also felt more confident about other challenges during the day.

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November 29, 2010

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