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Sharing Christian Science brings many blessings

From the September 10, 2012 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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A few years ago my grandmother was at a gas station in Kayenta, a town near Monument Valley on the Navajo Indian Reservation in northeast Arizona. She was there to sell one of the beautiful Navajo rugs she weaves. A kind woman from Michigan was riding her motorcycle through Navajo and saw my grandmother. She came over and visited with Nalii. (My grandmother is my dad’s mom and we call her Nalii in Navajo.) The woman bought Nalii’s rug, and she also shared Christian Science with her. 

Nalii read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science magazines her new friend had given her. Nalii really liked what she read, and she shared Christian Science with our family here in Phoenix. Since then, my sister, Javona, and I have been attending Christian Science Sunday School regularly. And this summer was our fourth year to spend two fun weeks at a Christian Science camp.

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Kameron and Janette and some other Native American kids prepare Christian Science Monitors and Sentinels from local churches for sharing. Every few weekends their families go back up to Navajo from Phoenix, a trip that takes about five hours by car. Then they take the magazines into laundries to share them with other people there. They also share with friends and family.

This summer at camp, I was learning to use the cable ski. My camp counselor was going through the steps of what to do, when she accidentally pushed me into the water and I flipped over. The knee board hit my nose, and it started bleeding and hurt really bad. My counselor talked to me about God and how “there’s not a spot where God is not.” I understood that God is everywhere, in the water and even on my nose. And God is only good. I stuck with these truths. My nose stopped bleeding, and I went back to the cable. I took the test and passed, and I got to go on the cable ski. I went all the way down to the end and came back, and I went again. My nose was all better, and I was free from pain.


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Last fall, my friend Kameron invited me to attend her Christian Science Sunday School class with her. I just loved what I learned and wanted my whole family to come to Sunday School and church along with me. Now, all seven of us kids and our mom and dad have been attending the Christian Science Sunday School and church. Five of us went to a Christian Science camp this summer with Kameron and Javona, and we loved being there.

The second week I was at camp, I had very bad cramps, and I told one of the camp’s Christian Science practitioners. She said to me that God did not make pain. Pain does not belong in the kingdom of heaven, as “there is no pain in Truth, and no truth in pain; …” (Science and Health, p. 113). I understood that just as I would not believe the suggestion that I had blue antlers or was in Hawaii, I did not have to believe the suggestion of cramps either. The practitioner prayed for me and talked to me and then told me to just have fun. In a little while there was no more pain, and I didn’t have cramps anymore. 

I’m so glad that Kameron shared Christian Science Sunday School with me. And now our whole family is being blessed because we are learning how to use Christian Science in our lives.

Kameron likes to play softball and basketball on her school’s team, as well as swim and play volleyball. And she loves to read and write.

Janette likes riding Mohawk, her grandma’s horse, at her sheep camp near Monument Valley. She also likes to play volleyball, swim, and be with her family and friends.

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