I would like to share the following testimony as proof that the...

I would like to share the following testimony as proof that the truths taught in Christian Science, as to the spiritual nature of God and man, bring wonderful healing results.

For many years I attempted unsuccessfully to correct an overeating and overweight problem through diet and exercise. Upon realizing that diet and exercise programs were not solving the problem, I decided that only through radical reliance on God would I find permanent healing. I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help, and healing results were quick to follow.

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We talked of a statement about humility in Miscellaneous Writings by Mrs. Eddy that reads (p. 1), "The mounting sense gathers fresh forms and strange fire from the ashes of dissolving self, and drops the world." A fresh form is what I had been desiring, but I had to learn that this fresh form could not be found in a more perfect physique, but rather in a more spiritually fit understanding of myself. I had been concentrating my efforts on my outward appearance rather than on my thinking, which is what really needed the attention.

I dedicated myself to discovering my real identity as originating and existing in God, Mind, rather than in a material body. I learned that because God is Life, I could never be tempted into believing that food could add something good to my life—something apart from what God in His unlimited goodness has already provided for man.

I also prayed for better discipline, and I thoughtfully pondered Christ Jesus' statement "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled" (Matt. 5:6). I realized that my real hunger was for a better understanding of God. I discovered that in proportion to my awareness of God's goodness and presence, and of how He has already met my needs in a spiritual way, my appetite diminished.

In the past, if I became excited, nervous, or depressed, I would eat. Now I realized that eating extra was not a solution to these problems. As I prayed to understand how God was meeting my everyday needs through His spiritual ways, the occasions for excitement, nervousness, or depression decreased, and so did the urge to overeat.

As I put these healing truths into daily practice, I arrived at a better understanding of God's love for man and an increased appreciation of His harmonious creation. In less than a month I had established a normal appetite and a normal weight, and the effects of this healing have been permanent now for over five years.

I am truly grateful for the teachings of Christian Science and how they explain practically the healing power of God as taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus.

Evan P. Mehlenbacher
Denver, Colorado

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December 19, 1988

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