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Gambling––don't trust your life to luck

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In his opening remarks John explains that the solution to the temptation to gamble is exactly the same as what's needed to lift us out of any sense of financial decline. It boils down to what we value and where we place our trust. In his responses to questions, he shows how to replace a trust in money with a trust in God's riches. He says, "God's abundant wealth is ours to claim right here and now. It's the one sure thing, not just for the fortunate few, but for all of us."

Among the questions he responds to: What's the difference between stock trading and a lottery? Don't they both rely on chance? Is it wrong to patronize casino restaurants and entertainment? How can we rise above local and state governments' reliance on casino and lottery monies? How to deal with inherited gambling debts? Are relationships, business enterprises, and so forth "taking a gamble"?

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