The blessings of knowing God

Originally published in Spanish for the March 1, 2022 issue of The Herald of Christian Science

A few years ago I read a testimony about a healing of pain that was first published in The Herald of Christian Science. What interested me was the author’s reference to the Bible story of Naaman, who was ultimately willing to follow the prophet Elisha’s request that he dip himself in the Jordan River, and was then healed of leprosy.

The author of the testimony said that he had found his own freedom by “dipping” (immersing) himself in the spiritual truths found in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and learning of the Comforter, divine Science.

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This testimony made me think deeply about my life, about a time when I needed to know the Comforter. I had been married for ten years, had three children, and had a husband who suffered from alcoholism. We came from our country of origin to live in New York City, and we had many financial problems. Although my husband kept steady jobs and was very good to us, when he had free time he would drink. So we couldn’t even enjoy our weekends together. What should have been fun family time revolved around his drinking and moodiness. 

At the time, I was desperately searching for God, wanting to know Him. Since childhood I had heard only that Jesus was God. I had no understanding of what God really was. But I was hoping that He could somehow save us from my husband’s addiction and its consequences. My wish was that we would all be happy, and I asked God to save us. 

I visited the churches of several denominations with my children. My husband was reluctant to believe in God and did not want to accompany us. I was so unhappy that the thought kept coming to me to get a divorce. As I look back on it, I see that this would have been not only a separation between husband and wife but a breaking up of the family.

After living like this for three years—and suffering from extremely painful chronic headaches, a problem since childhood for which I could find no remedy—my husband learned of Christian Science from a neighbor, who invited us to a Thanksgiving service at his church, a Church of Christ, Scientist. Although I was tired, I still hungered for a knowledge of God, and I suggested to my husband that we go. That year in November, on Thanksgiving Day, the whole family attended the service. 

As I entered that church for the first time, I saw the words “God is Love” written on the wall, which filled me with great joy. Listening to the Bible Lesson-Sermon from the Christian Science Quarterly and hymns, I felt a sense of peace and security. After that, our whole family began going to the church, and the children attended the Sunday School. 

Like the testifier in the Herald, I began to immerse myself in the healing waters of Truth found in the Bible and the Christian Science textbook. I began to understand that Christ Jesus was not God, but the Son of God, and that God so loved us that He sent His Son into the world to show us that we are all the loved sons and daughters of God. I saw that no member of the family could be separated from divine Love. I began to regard my husband tenderly, and to see him as a son of God, healthy and sinless. I learned that man is spiritual, the reflection or likeness of God, Love’s perfect expression. This definition of man is based on the account of creation in Genesis 1 in Holy Scripture: “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good” (verse 31).

Knowing that God is our true Father-Mother, the only creator, freed me from the weight and anguish of seeing my husband as an alcoholic, and I saw him as he really was—peaceful, happy, and free, and a good husband and father. The sadness, grief, and pain I had been feeling lifted.

After attending the Thanksgiving service, my husband also began reading the Bible and Science and Health, and he became a new man. That December was the last time I saw my husband have a drink. 

When I was about halfway through that wonderful textbook, Science and Health, I gave up all my medication. That was in 1973, and it was the last time I suffered from chronic headaches. 

Our family was able to keep our home in love and unity. My children felt more security and peace, and I worked calmly and looked forward to happy weekends with the whole family. We continued going to church regularly. On the way home my husband and I would listen to our children happily recount their experiences and conversations with their Sunday School teachers. As they grew up, I always saw them happy and healthy and trusting in God.

Each of our children went to college and graduated with honors in their different majors. I remember one day my youngest daughter, on our way home from church, told us that she wanted to go to a private university. My husband replied that this would be financially impossible for us. Then my daughter very confidently told us, “Well, my Sunday School teacher told us that if God is rich, we are not poor.” That faith that she had granted her a scholarship to a private university, and after graduating, she went to an Ivy League school to get her master’s degree (which was paid for in full by her employer). Since then my daughter has remained very dedicated to Christian Science and infinitely grateful to God.

Learning that God is Love and we are inseparable from this Love saved our family from separation, and we are united to this day. My husband and I recently celebrated our 61st wedding anniversary with six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, and my family continues to grow in love. 

I am very grateful for the teachings of the Bible and for the gift of knowing God through the study of Christian Science. An understanding of God frees us from sickness and sadness, filling our lives anew with love, unity, and freedom.

A lesson from Sammy Squirrel
July 25, 2022

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