When my wife and I were flying to Eritrea on the Red Sea to crew on a small sailboat destined for Thailand, I was aware that my father had some concerns. I also wanted to be fully prepared for this interesting voyage. As I was praying, this prayer came to me:

We aren't leaving God's kingdom. There isn't a place outside God's kingdom. God created the heaven and the earth and the sea, and all that is therein. Therefore we will not fear.

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There does not exist in His kingdom any region that is plagued, dangerous, underdeveloped, or a health risk. There isn't a place in our thought for doubt about whether God's care is complete and universal for all mankind and all creatures. His arm encircles us and ours and all. Therefore we will not fear.

We move in harmony with sea and sky, with comrade and stranger, with our craft and creatures. Health and harmony are boundaryless and everywhere. There is no edge of Life—no fringe to God's kingdom. God's protection and guidance are ever with us. Therefore we will not fear.

Contagion is no passenger or destination on our trip. Our cargo is goodwill. Life and Love greet us at each port and passage. Along the way, we encounter only the strength and wisdom, the patience and trust, that allow us to meet the need of every situation. Therefore we will not fear.

Our custom is brotherly love; we are welcome within our brothers' borders. Our discovery is peace and goodly abundance; we are filled. Our concerns are comforted; our crossings and ports become our home. Our Father-Mother has preserved our home and heritage. We smile and rejoice. Therefore we cannot fear.

We had a wonderful trip and arrived home safely. We are so grateful for God's constant, loving care.

Doug Brown
Coronado, California

What happened after I retired
November 15, 1999

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