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From the April 9, 1949 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

The knowledge that God is Love brings to light new aspects of the priceless quality of spiritual love and the understanding of its universality and oneness. Christian Science reveals God as one infinite Mind and every impulse of genuine good as springing from Him. This makes love an attribute of God rather than a virtue privately possessed and explains every manifestation of goodness as attesting the changeless presence of Mind and its indivisible expression. Mary Baker Eddy says in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 165), "As an active portion of one stupendous whole, goodness identifies man with universal good."

Every kind thought, every unselfed act, evidences the same harmonious Principle that supports the forces which swing the constellations across the skies in ordered beauty. Nothing is too small, nothing too great, for Love's control and care. The Master spoke of the lily's fragile beauty, the sparrow's tiny life, the fragrant grass, as gaining Love's beneficence and stirred men to seek God's kingdom first, that His care might be evident in their own experience. Each idea is precious to God as an expression of Love's activity.

Divine Love makes man spiritually perfect, unites each individual with all others in one infinite, harmonious manifestation, and impels each one to express love that is selfless and impartial. Only through its ideas does Love release its energies of love. The good which becomes evident through individuals in so-called human life should be hailed as joyful proof that God is ever present and declaring Himself through His own beloved creation. How often one finds his human needs met and his problems solved through some undreamed-of expression of good in others. Mrs. Eddy writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 78): "Spirit blesses man, but man cannot 'tell whence it cometh.' By it the sick are healed, the sorrowing are comforted, and the sinning are reformed. These are the effects of one universal God, the invisible good dwelling in eternal Science."

The spiritual fact that love, as divine Love's essence, is universal in scope and infinite in quality explains the presence and availability of God's love in every circumstance and condition. Christian Science, the Comforter, shows humanity how to become conscious of God's beneficence by acknowledging His presence and man's relation to Him as His expression, or reflection; then how to work out that tender relationship by individually expressing Love's qualities of goodness and justice and mercy. The understanding of love as originating in Principle rather than in the human personality opens human thought to understand and use the invariable laws of Love, which are ever at hand to harmonize and heal. It makes one's affections impartial rather than preferential in character, and invariably obedient to the demands of God in His constant assertion of universal love.

In an article entitled "Judge Not" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 290) Mrs. Eddy discusses the impartial nature of human love when guided and controlled by divine Love, or infinite Principle. A correspondent had told her of feeling the spiritually illuminating influence of her thought at a certain time, and our Leader declared that she had not been thinking of this correspondent at that time. She also deplored the conjecturing which judges causes as personal. She goes on to explain that when thought abides in divine Love, friend and foe share alike in its beneficence. She says, "This individual blessedness and blessing comes not so much from individual as from universal love: it emits light because it reflects; and all who are receptive share this equally."

A proper appreciation of and gratitude for individuals through whom the forces of divine Love operate in the scientific demonstration of truth does not change the fact that real love is ever part of "one stupendous whole" and that its one and only source is God. The ability to reflect the healing truths of real being on the part of one individual and the receptivity to those truths on the part of another stem alike from divine Principle, infinite Love. To regard love as a personal possession which one may benignly bestow upon one or coldly withhold from another is to believe love to be less than universal and to lose the great healing power which follows the understanding of Love and its inseparable expression. Love separate from God is impossible, and love originating in Him is inexhaustible and irresistible.

To understand that all individuals are capable of receiving and expressing boundless good by reason of man's oneness with God as His reflection, or idea, is to stand at heaven's threshold. Genuine love reflects divine Love selflessly, generously, and spontaneously, because it is the natural order of man's being in God's creation. It asks no personal recognition, but only the opportunity to prove that every individual, in his real being, is manifesting the qualities and powers of Spirit without measure. Those who are spiritually enlightened by Christian Science understand that intelligence, spiritual capability, power, and perfection are universally reflected by all of God's children, and they demonstrate this great fact consistently.

Dwelling in the consciousness that there is but one Love and that all genuine love is the expression of Love's oneness, we feel the indescribable touch of Spirit on every hand. We are aware of it in the affection of our associates, in our opportunities for constructive, healing tasks, in purer relationships, and in an increasing ability to heal and comfort mankind. Thus the "individual blessedness and blessing," expressing one universal Love, transforms human experience, and heaven is seen as close at hand.

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