Instantaneous healing of a severe concussion

I was spending my summer in Colorado playing polocrosse, which is very similar to polo and lacrosse, but on horseback. During our first game in a three-day tournament, I was hit from the left side and fell off my horse, knocking my head on the ground. 

I felt like I’d been hit by a train. My vision became blurry and pixelated, and I could feel that I was losing consciousness. 

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This might not seem like a time when I had a choice about how to feel or how my body was responding to the fall. But I’ve learned from attending Christian Science Sunday School that in any situation I always have a choice. My choice is between what I know to be true about God and what appears to be true according to the five physical senses. Starting from the basis that God is good, present everywhere, and all-powerful, I can reject anything that says that something other than good is going on.

As I felt myself about to lose consciousness, I knew I had a decision to make.

So as I felt myself about to lose consciousness, I knew I had a decision to make. I could let this feeling overtake me, or I could turn to my loving Parent, my Father-Mother God, to feel and know His, Her, care. I made the conscious decision to hold on to what I knew to be true about God and about me as His, Her, loved child. 

As I fought to stay awake, I also remembered Mary Baker Eddy’s poem “Love,” which talks about God’s protective, mothering love (see Poems, p. 6). It dawned on me that there had never been a moment when God, Love, hadn’t been there. When it appeared I’d fallen off my horse, Love was there. And Love was also here now. This realization brought me great comfort, and I was overcome with peace. 

I didn’t lose consciousness, and in fact, after a few minutes I was able to stand up and walk over to the bleachers on the main field. I took a nap and woke up to find my dad talking to my mom on the phone. He was telling her what had happened and that the paramedics had said I’d gotten a grade 3 concussion, which is considered a major concussion. However, what no one could understand was how this condition seemed to have disappeared, along with all the symptoms. 

It was true. I felt fine. I sat up with ease and walked over to the camp where our team’s stuff was set up. For the next four hours, I walked around and packed up camp with complete freedom. I didn’t have any more effects from the concussion—that day or at any time after that. The next day I did wake up to a few feelings of discomfort, but after my mom asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me, I was able to continue the day with my group and experienced no further effects.

I began explaining that I’d been healed of the concussion through Christian Science.

But the story doesn’t end there. Two weeks later, at another tournament, I was greeted by a woman whom I’d been playing against two weeks earlier when I’d fallen. She noticed I was back up and playing and commented that she was quite surprised to see me riding again. 

I’m usually pretty quiet about being a Christian Scientist. But she seemed so intrigued that I began explaining that I’d been healed of the concussion through Christian Science. We talked all the way through dinner and late into the night. She asked all kinds of questions, and I answered them the best I could and shared what I knew. 

We continued the conversation over the next day or so, but over the school year I lost touch with her. Then, the following summer I returned to the tournament and ran into this woman once again. At dinner she explained that she’d gone home after our conversation and discovered there was a Christian Science Reading Room just down the street from her house. She’d bought a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and was now regularly attending a local branch Church of Christ, Scientist. She told me that she and her husband had already experienced their own healings! 

I’m so grateful for the way my healing helped someone else discover more about God’s healing power through Christian Science. 

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