Many years ago, my hair was falling out at a rate of great concern to me. Although I'm not sure if it was visible to anyone else, I could see from looking at my hairbrush that this was not normal. While talking with a Christian Science practitioner on a different matter, I mentioned the hair loss. His answer was brief: "Take the 91st Psalm; study it." He did not explain why he'd chosen that particular Bible passage. I did not ask why either. I just went ahead and studied the 91st Psalm.

Very soon, within a few days, the problem was rectified and forgotten—I didn't experience any more hair loss. It was so forgotten, in fact, that I never thought about it again until it came to mind recently while I was driving to a Wednesday evening testimony meeting at church. I really wanted to give a testimony, and this healing came to mind. So I stood up and shared it.

While writing this up as a submission to the Sentinel, I kept thinking that I probably would have to explain something about what came to me in prayer during my study of the 91st Psalm.

I can't remember any particular insights, although I have always had a great love for that psalm. Then it occurred to me that if I were drowning, I would not need to know the make and particular engineering of a life preserver that was being thrown to me. But I would hold on to it. I also would keep kicking if told to do so, as well as turn to where I was told the shore was—which I was not seeing because of fog or fear. Maybe that's a bit like the trust I had in the Christian Science treatment in this case.

I have had no problems with my hair since. It is with great gratitude to God and Christian Science that I submit this healing.


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