Healed of wasp stings

My family went on a vacation to a cabin in the woods. It was a lovely little cabin in a beautiful location, but I was dismayed that as soon as we entered, we saw five wasps flying around, and later discovered many more. They were concentrated mostly in the loft where we had planned to have our son sleep. I usually like to catch insects and set them free outside, but this was becoming such a hassle that after the fourth wasp, I somewhat regretfully turned to just whacking them with a swatter.

As we approached bedtime, I found a few more, and I was quite upset when I stepped on one and it stung my foot. Then, at 3:00 in the morning I was awakened by my son crying because a wasp had stung him in his sleep. I was tired and angry at the wasps, and couldn’t really think of how to pray in that moment. In annoyance, I said to God, “What am I supposed to do? Is this a punishment for killing Your little wasp ideas?” Immediately, I heard this response: “What you’re supposed to do is love Me. Not love Me because of the wasps—or in spite of the wasps—or anything to do with anything else. Just love Me.”

This angel message stopped me right in my tracks. I sure did love that thought and immediately declared, firmly and joyfully, that I did indeed love God so much. Loving God didn’t mean ignoring the unhappy stuff going on; it meant joyfully exercising my God-given dominion over my thought and spending my time loving God instead of being angry or annoyed. 

Immediately my foot stopped hurting where I had been stung, and my son calmed down very quickly and was back to sleep within a minute. The rest of our stay at the cabin was harmonious, calm, and truly transformed. We had no more trouble with wasps.

I’m very grateful for this proof of God’s love for each of us, and for how His perfect love brings healing.

John Biggs 
Maryland Heights, Missouri, US

Testimony of Healing
Instantly well
May 25, 2020

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