Changing technology, unchanging Love

The Monitor editorial “How companies deal with fear of change” (, January 20) cites the results of an annual survey on trust in institutions. More than half of those worldwide who responded believed that “change and innovation are happening too quickly.” The editorial refers to “ever-more-complex gadgets, data, machines, and documents.”

Technology has helped humanity in wonderful ways. But as technological change accelerates, there’s an increasing desire for greater simplicity and for a quieting of fear relating to rapid change. Some companies are simplifying their products and services, and that’s more than just a good business decision—it demonstrates that companies care. This caring is in harmony with God, who is perfect, unchanging Love. 

CS Perspective

Because God is Love and the true nature of each one of us is God’s image, as the Scriptures teach, you could say that it’s natural—even inevitable—for humanity to yield to Love’s impulsion, whether in business, government, or any area of life. Love inspires that which supports, not that which burdens. It dissolves fear instead of promoting it. The Bible’s New Testament speaks of “perfect love” that “casteth out fear” (I John 4:18 ). That can be a big help to those struggling with technological issues. 

Christian Science, discovered and founded by Mary Baker Eddy, opens our thought to the understanding that unchanging Love, God, is the actual Principle of the universe. It seems evident, from what we learn in the Scriptures about God, that we can rely on this loving Principle to supply us with the guidance and intelligence we need in every facet of human experience.

My use of computers is pretty basic, and when I’ve had challenges with them—as most people have—someone knowledgeable has often come to the rescue. Occasionally, though, I’ve found the answer I needed through listening in prayer for divine direction, through feeling in some measure the guidance and care of divine Love. These occasions have reminded me that while it may be easy to get baffled when an answer seems elusive, there’s a sure reward in looking to unchanging Love for help and remembering the biblical assurance of man’s God-given dominion. Mrs. Eddy writes, referring to man, “His birthright is dominion, not subjection” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 518 ).

At every point, Christ Jesus’ healing works illustrate dominion and that perfect Love that casts out fear. They show that we have the divinely derived right, through prayer, to find peace and the answers we need each day. God is not only close; He’s the one infinite, omnipresent Mind, and that Mind is Love. 

Whatever role technology plays in our lives, we can begin to feel more of the peace that comes from divine Love and to gain a conviction, through prayer, of Love’s governing influence in business as well as in individual lives.

Shoring up our faith
May 25, 2015

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