How I found home

Christian Science came into my life about ten years ago while I was living abroad for a long stretch. I found out about it through a Christian Science Sentinel magazine that was given to me. I liked what I read in the magazine so much that I immediately looked for the nearest church. I found the church and, consequently, a Christian Science Reading Room, which I loved. So many resources! It was like finding a treasure chest—actually, a room full of treasures. 

At the time, I was living what I would call a troubled life. I had lost my peace. Among other things, I had to move from my home (and for me home is heaven). So, my son, who was only six at the time, and I went to live with a couple of friends of mine. I am immensely grateful to God, and to those two people, for meeting my family’s need. We remained in their home for almost a year. 

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During this period I read the Christian Science Bible Lessons and as much Christian Science literature as I could, especially the periodicals, where I learned how Christian Scientists pray. 

One day I came across an article in the Sentinel where a lady mentioned how she found a home, and shared the spiritual ideas she worked with as she prayed. This article made an impression on me. I had never thought about home quite like that, or anything else to be honest. It showed me how to approach life more spiritually.

After living with my friends, my son and I moved back to Brazil, my native country. When we arrived, we went to live with my parents, for whom I am also very grateful! But living with my parents wasn’t always easy. The house was quite small, so my son and I had to share a room, and there wasn’t much privacy for either of us. The house was also dark, and I like places that are full of light. The neighborhood was noisy, and it was known for not being very safe. It was getting a bit hard, but then I remembered that Sentinel article. I thought it was time to start practicing more of the things I was learning in Christian Science, not just to find a home but to live more spiritually. 

So, despite the fact that my financial situation suggested I could never afford my own house, I prayed about it. I began by thanking God for all the good I already had, by expressing gratitude for my parents and rejoicing in the good everywhere. I decided I needed to express more joy, and I did, so that my son and my parents would also feel happy in the house.

I started pondering what qualities a home should include. I made a list of things I wanted in a home, such as light, space, security, and quiet. I thought about what they represented to me. For instance, light symbolized the spiritual illumination in God’s day; space—the spiritual man’s limitless, boundless freedom; security—God’s protection, strength, and power; quiet—the peace and tranquility we find in knowing God. And the list expanded to include the qualities of unlimited love, order, beauty, independence, and comfort. Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Heath with Key to the Scriptures, “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul” (p. 269), and this is what was happening. 

In my prayers I affirmed that all the things I desired were already included in my “home,” and I began to recognize them even in the smallest details of my life. I also claimed this to be true for my parents. Knowing that “whatever blesses one blesses all” (Science and Health, p. 206), I persisted in this prayerful work for some time, recognizing God’s gracious provision for us all, not only for every member of my family but also for my neighbors. Then, quite suddenly, less than a year later, my sister and her family decided to move to another country and asked me if I would like to move in and care for their house in their absence. The answer was yes! 

That was seven years ago, and we are still living in this wonderful home. It continues to be such a blessing, with all the qualities I imagined and more. It’s so peaceful, something most of my guests have gratefully pointed out to me. It is also extremely bright and spacious, with many rooms and lots of outdoor space, including a wonderful garden. As for my parents, they sold their house and bought another one that is brighter and has more peaceful surroundings and neighbors that are caring and welcoming.

Since then, I have learned so much more and have experienced the power of God in other areas of my life. I have learned about the seven synonyms for God as taught in Christian Science: Principle, Truth, Life, Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Love—and their infinite qualities, which we express. It’s so beautiful to see God this way and to witness the healing effect an understanding of God brings. I have also learned about the allness of God, my ever-present Father-Mother, and that I am His idea; and that makes me one with Him, totally spiritual, not material. This has so much broadened the way I see life now. I am ever so grateful for Christian Science.

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