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Liberation from the expectations of others

- Sentinel Audio Chat

Deborah points out that we first need to know who we are as the loved child of God in order to free ourselves from the limiting expectations the world puts on us. Understanding ourselves as the image and likeness of God liberates us and shows us how to fulfill God's loving will. Listening to God allows our talents to shine through. The result is a joyous, peaceful, satisfying life that stays true to the good God causes us to be.

Deborah answers questions such as: How can I know if the expectations my parents put on me are right ones? What if I have a very low estimate of what I can accomplish – how can I heal this and progress? I have very high expectations for myself – how do I know they are good? How can I help my children achieve their goals and still not expect too much? How do I know if an expectation is God's will for me?

Deborah gives helpful illustrations and examples from her own life that help answer these questions and shows  listenerS how to find their own answers by turning to God.

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