LAST SEPTEMBER, MY MOM AND I were a part of a group bike ride called "Climate Ride." A little over a hundred people rode their bikes from New York City to Washington, DC. It was 300 miles, and my mom and I rode it in five days, on a tandem bike for two. When we got to DC, the whole group rallied on the Capitol steps. The purpose of the ride was to bring awareness to climate change, an issue that I'm interested in, so the activity was enjoyable. It was nice that I was able to spend quality time with my mom, and we became very close throughout the ride. And all through the trip we had no injuries—everything went very well.

When I got home, I continued to bike. One day, about a month after our trip, my mom and I were on separate bikes, and as I was "drafting" behind her, my front wheel hit her back wheel and I spun out, falling to the ground. I was banged up and had bad "road rash," scrapes and cuts in several places on my body, and it felt like my wrist was hurt.

I have been a Christian Scientist all of my life, so naturally I turned to prayer to help me. My mom also immediately came over to the side of the road to comfort me and help me calm down. While waiting for a friend to pick us up, my mom and I sang hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal right there. We know lots of hymns from memory, and singing them together comforted me.

Once we got in our friend's car, who is also a Christian Scientist and my former Sunday School teacher, we turned on the Christian Science Bible Lesson (on CD) with the subject of "Adam and Fallen Man." The spiritual ideas I listened to on the car ride home were very relevant to my situation and calmed me even more. After my mom helped clean me up at home, we read the Bible Lesson together and talked about how I was God's reflection. My thoughts were becoming more at peace, but my arm was very painful. Despite this, though, I was able to sleep that night.

I spent the next day resting on the couch. We got a sling to stabilize my wrist and keep my arm still, and my mom called a Christian Science practitioner to pray with us. Over the weekend, we shared some thoughts about how I was expressing God's qualities through biking and that I couldn't be harmed by doing something that I love because I was completely under God's law of goodness. We also talked about how God, Principle, is my foundation, always supporting me, and as God's reflection, I am at peace, unshakable. I was feeling much better and more relaxed.

On Monday I was able to go to school, and I continued to pray throughout the day. There were some comments from friends and teachers when people saw my sling. But I assured them that I was OK.

Another element of this healing was that the next week I was supposed to run in cross-country championships for my school. I explained the situation to my coach since I couldn't practice that week, but in the following days I got steadily better and gained more use of my wrist. By the end of the week I was playing the piano! My coach saw my progress and felt comfortable letting me go on practice runs. My scrapes were healing, and I was able to have a healthy race in the championships. One hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal that really helped through this experience is Number 53:

Everlasting arms of Love
Are beneath, around, above;
God it is who bears us on,
His the arm we lean upon.

This hymn proved to me that I can't fall out of God's arms and that He is always holding me. This reassured me through the whole healing process many times. I am very grateful that I have Christian Science to turn to whenever I'm having troubles and need God's loving care. I am also very grateful that I can still bike and that I don't have any fear of falling or hurting my-self. And my mom and I still often take rides on our tandem bike.


Principle is my foundation, always supporting me, and as God's reflection, I am at peace, unshakable.

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May 24, 2010

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