The Need Is Met

Whatever the human need, a view of the truth of God and man shows it already met. Proof of this is found in the Bible, which records the history of people who perceived in some measure the ever-present goodness and power of divine Love.

Jacob, for example, had need to be reconciled with his brother. Through wrestling mentally with the error of enmity he glimpsed the truth of man so clearly that when he saw his brother, he said, "I have seen thy face, as though I had seen the face of God, and thou wast pleased with me." Gen. 33:10;

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Moses, leading the Israelites out Egypt and through the wilderness, turned to God for every need. Consequently, the people were guided through the sea, fed with manna, healed of snakebites, and given commandments to live by for all generations to come.

The prophets' vision pointed to the appearing of Christ Jesus, who exemplified the truth of divine Love by healing the sick and raising the dead. He said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32; His disciples continued to prove this, bringing assurance of salvation and, in many cases, healing to those who accepted the teachings of Jesus.

Mary Baker Eddy explains the truth of God and man, as the Bible reveals it. This truth is absolute Science. Perfect God creates perfect man. God is Mind, and man is idea. God is Spirit, and man is His spiritual reflection. God is Love, and man expresses the qualities of perfect Love. But the revelation of this Science as it comes to us through Mrs. Eddy's writings is not only absolute; it is Christian. It expresses the "Christ," which she defines in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as "the divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error."  Science and Health, p. 583; The truth of God and man is no abstraction; it is understandable and demonstrable here and now in human terms.

Sometimes it seems to us more profound to ignore human needs and to think only of spiritual realities. But Christian Science shows this ignoring to be either a failure to comprehend Christ, Truth, or a denial of it. Ignoring our neighbor's needs, or our own, is neither scientific nor Christian. Scientific reasoning begins with Truth. An unmet need, wherever it may appear, is a denial of Truth. In perfect Mind there is no unintelligent, incomplete, imperfect manifestation. To allow such a manifestation to present itself in our conscious experience without dealing with it is either ignorance or negligence. And to insist this is profound metaphysics is self-deception.

Underlying every unmet need is the belief of time. Because we can reason from the basis of God's allness and goodness that all needs will ultimately be met, it seems easy to rationalize that when one is ready to turn to the truth, his needs will be met. But such reasoning assumes the reality of time, which, according to Christian Science, is a scientific unreality.

When we reason from the premise of real existence without time, we have no escape from the necessity of denying an unmet need. Even a lack of understanding of the truth, or of a desire for such an understanding, cannot be tolerated as a reality in the consciousness of one who realizes the profound facts of timeless Truth. Therefore to idly contemplate something we call higher metaphysics without actively applying the truth of divine Love, while people feel hungry, unsafe, insecure, incomplete, lonely, frustrated, bored, angry, afraid, is to deny the very nature of Truth.

To affirm the truth of God and man, we need to include all that manifests itself in our consciousness of existence. An affirmation that ignores an area of consciousness where a need is unmet is only partial affirmation. Therefore it is not really a metaphysical profundity. But an affirmation that includes the fact of every need already met because of the perfection of God and man, Mind and idea—because every manifestation of reality is a manifestation of the allness and goodness of divine Love—is not only true but powerful.

If a need appears not to be met, the truth of God's timeless, ever-present, ever-expressed perfection, when conscientiously and understandingly affirmed, begins immediately to correct the error of belief in an unmet need. Mrs. Eddy's statement "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" ibid., p. 494. sets forth not only the reality of being but the effect of understanding that reality.

Our daily opportunity is to realize the truth of God and man. If this requires work on our part to correct the errors of belief in unmet needs, should we not rejoice in the opportunity to do this work? If we do, and if we accept the challenges we see, we will help all mankind solve their problems. We will find ourselves understanding more and more clearly the truth of our own relationship to God. And this truth heals.

Carl J. Welz

Mind Understands
November 2, 1974

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