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A traveler's guide

From the August 3, 1981 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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Moses was faced with delays, lack of supplies, and dangers in his travels. Joseph and Mary had an accommodation problem when they traveled to Bethlehem. One of Paul's journeys was disrupted by weather conditions.

Progress in computers and airplanes has made travel easier and faster; but any traveler may confront many of the same problems faced by biblical characters. Then, how can we travel with peace of mind and an expectation of harmony?

Mrs. Eddy gives us a clear instruction that may be applied to successful travel: "I say, Be allied to the deific power, and all that is good will aid your journey, as the stars in their courses fought against Sisera. (Judges v. 20.)" Unity of Good, p. 17. Christian Science explains this deific power as the omnipresent power of good, God, governing all life and action.

In preparing for travel we can review the different ways in which we may prove our unity with God. As we contemplate our destination—whether to other parts of the country or to other continents—we see that our inseparable relationship with God removes any doubts or fears associated with new places. In reality, we are at one with Love; therefore we cannot leave the atmosphere of harmony or be lured into a dangerous situation. Whatever the area, climate, geographical location, or political condition, we are capable of exercising our God-given discernment and dominion right where we are. Our true existence is based on the reality of our oneness with God. The Bible promises, "He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." Ps. 91:11. These "angels" are the intuitions that lead us to the right decision or action at the right time.

Modes of travel are varied—wheeled, winged, or just plain foot power—but they all represent movement. In actual fact, divine Mind is the source of all action. This motion is unlabored because it is not dependent on a material mechanism. The movement of Mind is perpetual, not needing fuel or energy to supply or renew it. It knows no fluctuation, delay, frustration. It maintains itself. As we ally ourselves with this facet of deific power—the action of divine Mind—we will move freely, less subject to limitations or exhaustion.

Increasing our awareness of our oneness with God as His ideas, we will find a special appreciation for the new people we meet in our travels. At first we may be struck by the differences in those we meet from other localities, countries, or backgrounds. But as we see Mind's—and man's—oneness, we become much more interested in the characteristics we share with others. We can expect to associate with qualities of cooperation, honesty, courtesy, kindness. In the proportion that we express these and identify their source as God, we will discern them in others. In reality, those we meet are the expression of God's being just as we are, and this manifestation appears in endless variety. It is stirring to look for the wide array of Christly qualities exhibited by others—just as different flowers in a garden display a multitude of forms and colors, all blending to make one harmonious whole. As we do this we will appreciate, not judge or condemn, these differences in our fellow humans.

Our alliance with the deific power applies to safety and protection, too. The spiritual man, at one with the Father, is always in the realm of Spirit, never trapped in material situations—accidents, violence, malfunctions of machines, or natural disasters. This spiritual man is under the divine government, subject only to God's law. Be alert to claim this spiritual exemption from the laws of matter or chance. Declare that you live and move in the atmosphere of Love and that all with whom you have contact are truly embraced in that love. Don't let others convince you of the reality of discord or danger. Mrs. Eddy counsels, "Good thoughts are an impervious armor; clad therewith you are completely shielded from the attacks of error of every sort. And not only yourselves are safe, but all whom your thoughts rest upon are thereby benefited." The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 210. These "good thoughts" are inspired by God; they are pure, loving, honest, and intelligent.

Our Father-Mother God knows nothing of jet lag—the belief that moving from one time zone to another within a short period can play havoc with the body and its normal action. Our unity with God as His idea means we are living an eternal life outside the limitations of time. Striving to demonstrate timeless being, we can know that there are no "good times" and "bad times," because God is unchanging Love. We are not actually going from one area to another but remain forever in the allness of good. Understanding our true existence in Mind's infinity frees us from the effects of jet lag. My husband and I and our two youngest children were able to prove this during an extensive trip in the United States followed by a direct flight to Australia, all accomplished without any adverse reaction.

Then there is the problem of red tape. Particularly with international trips, filling in forms and signing documents are all part of the modern travel procedure. Though Christ Jesus was obedient to the laws of the land, he broke through the abortive restrictions of mortal mind by his total consciousness of the higher laws of God. We can refuse to react to the indignity of waiting like a lot of sheep at airports and reject the sense of chaos that sometimes presents itself at immigration facilities. Indignity, chaos, and the like can never impinge on our unity with God. As we endeavor to see the motive behind the red tape, we find it usually serves a good purpose. Love for our fellowman can ease the task of completing the needed forms without our being burdened by a sense of frustration and restriction.

Having seen more clearly how to ally ourselves with the deific power, we can go forward with joyful expectancy. Moses, Paul, and other biblical characters traveled with confidence in God— and we can, too.

Have a wonderful trip!

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