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This past winter, I went out for a routine bike ride that was part of a training plan I’d made for the New Year. It was a cool, but beautiful, day in Florida, and I was enjoying the relaxing, peaceful, and free feeling I get each time I ride my bike. 

Halfway into my ride I was waiting at a traffic light. When it turned green, I slowly began to bike forward and was hit by a minivan turning right. The driver simply did not see me next to him. Until I climbed out from under my bicycle, I felt dumbstruck. 

After standing up, I was better able to comprehend the situation and simply looked myself up and down, saw that I was OK, with the exception of a few cuts, and told the (panicking) driver of the minivan that I was all right. After a quick inspection of my bike, I assured him that I’d be able to continue my ride despite damage to my bike’s left handlebar.  

As I biked away, a flood of thoughts entered my mind. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the ever-present love and protection of God, which had just been demonstrated. And despite “mortal mind,” fearful and worried thinking, trying to unsettle me with what could have happened, the simple and overwhelming truth shone through—that I was God’s child and, as a result, always protected. 

All I could do was simply be grateful for the beautiful day and for God.  

What was equally exciting for me was that I hadn’t let any anxious or scary thoughts take hold and ruin the rest of my ride and my day. I have not always been the best at “closing the door” to mortal mind, or erroneous thinking, and was excited to see this as evidence of progress in my study of Christian Science. 


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