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Disease cured; dental trouble healed

From the June 22, 1998 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

While I was a senior in high school, my girlfriend and I both developed symptoms of mononucleosis, generally regarded as very infectious. Her father, a medical doctor, took her to a hospital to be examined and suggested that I get checked also. When my girlfriend was diagnosed with the disease, I became quite fearful and told my mom of my concerns. She suggested that I call my Christian Science Sunday School teacher. I called her, and we spoke just briefly about what was spiritually true of man. Tears of joy streamed down my face as I hung up the telephone. I could see that there was no need to be afraid. I was free from disease because I was the child of God. It was that simple. The symptoms disappeared.

This and other healings have shown me man's inherent freedom from disease and, more important, they have given me a clearer understanding of God's ever-abiding love for His children. Recently I was required to face another issue: Was the essence or substance of my life material or spiritual? And the answer brought healing.

I began to address this question actively when at least two of my back teeth became increasingly painful. I was faced with the possibility that I had developed some cavities. For a short time after the pain began, I tried brushing more often and more thoroughly. I soon recognized that my reason for doing this was to prevent tooth decay, or even to try to reverse it. I also realized that this had been much of my motive for brushing in years past. As I acknowledged that better brushing would not improve my situation, I recognized that a healing could only come through a change in thought—a mental shift in the way I saw myself. Only a correct recognition of my identity could alter the situation. I began to change my motive for brushing my teeth. It had to be to express cleanliness, as I do with the rest of the body. My thinking had improved, but I still had the sharp pain.

I could see that there was no need to be afraid.

I committed myself to praying diligently about the situation. I recognized that if substance were material, then something that decayed could not undecay, and my problem could not be healed. But because the substance of man is actually spiritual, hence not susceptible to decay, a clearer understanding of the spiritual basis for man's identity would bring healing. Consequently, the decaying appearance would change as the actual and perfect, spiritual nature was acknowledged. For healing, then, I had to recognize that my being was based on Spirit and not on matter. And because my being or substance was Spirit, I was free from decay. God's ideas are made of spiritual substance and therefore are solid and permanent. I prayed several times daily for several months. I have been free from the pain and have had no problems with my teeth for two years now.

Healing results from a recognition of man's spiritual relationship to God, and Christian Science rests absolutely on this spiritual basis. I am indeed grateful.

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