Last summer I took swimming lessons

Last summer I took swimming lessons. First I passed beginners level. That was easy. The next level was advanced beginners, where we were to go from swimming in water three feet deep to eleven feet deep.

The first day of class our teacher asked us to swim across water eleven feet deep. I said "no" because I was scared. When I went home, I was really upset.

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Then I decided to stop being upset and start praying. Mom and I knew that God was everywhere and that He was supporting me. This made me feel a lot better. The next day I swam across the pool perfectly. Later I passed advanced beginners. I remembered to thank God very much.

Kristen Jennifer Hayes
Dayton, Ohio

I am Kristen's mother. Her dad and I were grateful for her progress in swimming last summer, when she was seven. She had taken lessons since she was small, but not until we joined a swim club was she able to practice daily. She was confident as she started her beginning lessons. The real test was her advanced beginner class. She was very upset after her first class. She wanted to be able to do what the others in the class were already able to do. She told me tearfully she was never going back to class again.

When we came home that day we sat down and talked about this together. We worked from the standpoint that man is never outside of God's care. We also thought about the hymn that says, "Everlasting arms of Love / Are beneath, around, above" (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 53). We reasoned that Kristen could always feel the presence of divine Love no matter where she was. Never for a moment should she accept any lack or limitation, because she was always embraced and strengthened by the Almighty. Her tears subsided and she was willing to return to her swimming lessons.

The next day I watched Kristen as she swam across the pool with no hesitation. In the ensuing days, not only did she continue to improve but she began to dive. During the two weeks of class she passed her test.

Naturally we were grateful for her progress, but we were even more grateful for her growth and confidence in her ability to demonstrate Christian Science in a practical way and to feel the presence of God, on a continuing basis. In our family there have been healings through Christian Science for six generations. This healing is special to Kristen because it showed her the immediacy of God's love and care. We are grateful.

Constance R. Hayes

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