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A promise kept

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The promises in the Bible are more than just words in a book. They have the power of God’s Word, divine Truth, supporting them. Because they are supported by divine law, they offer a basis from which to reason spiritually and trust that Truth is eternal, ever present, and that we can expect the fulfillment of God’s promises. 

One of my favorite promises comes from Christ Jesus: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). 

I remember when I saw this promise realized in my own experience. I had moved out to San Francisco six months after graduating from college. It was kind of on a whim. I had no plan, and the money I had was a loan. But when the money ran low and my loan was close to zero, I knew I needed a job and fast. I was hunting and hunting, but kept coming up short. 

Finally, I realized I needed to pray. Up to this point I’d been acting as if I ran the show—that I could do everything on my own. But I knew a change was needed. I needed to put on some humility and trust that God was taking care of me. What helped me trust was that passage I quoted from Matthew. It says to me that when we seek God—when we look to our Father-Mother Love for protection and guidance—we can trust that Love will never lead us in a certain direction and take us only halfway, as if to say, “You’re on your own now!” Love takes us all the way and gives us the ideas we need to succeed and be happy. 

In line with this, I see more clearly now that God, being Love, provides us with activity that is right, good, and even consistent with what we love to do. This comes from the spiritual fact that He has outlined and individualized us, and therefore knows us, and knows our purpose and right activity. Our real selfhood, or individuality, is God’s spiritual image and likeness—His reflection—and so we’re at one with our Father-Mother Love and are forever active expressing God.

After I began praying about this, wonderfully enough I received a call from a temporary employment agency (a temp agency) I was working with to help me find employment. The offer sounded nice at the time—it was a job at a financial company for $15 an hour. I felt elated. But the person who knew my skills and background pointed out, “I know this isn’t creative, but the money is good. Please let me know as soon as you can.”

But when I called the temp agency back, the kind woman had another possibility to offer me.  She said, “You’ll never guess—I got a call from a magazine. However, the money is less—$11 an hour. And it’s not really creative either, but it’s in advertising sales, and who knows? At least it’s in a creative place.”

At first it seemed unfortunate to me that my choice came down to dollar amounts. But as I prayed I remembered Jesus’ reassuring words, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness.” And I realized that the choice I was being asked to make had less to do with dollars and cents, and more with who or what I chose to see as my true source of supply. Couldn’t I trust that a righteous God would be meeting my needs, even at this very moment, in both fulfilling and practical ways?

I chose the magazine. And, boy, did it feel like the right decision! Furthermore, after several weeks I was soon asked about my creative skills and moved into a more creative position. With that change came a change in pay—I was paid double what I previously made! Not only that, but it became a permanent job that lasted two and half fulfilling years. 

This was proof to me that the promises in the Bible help us demonstrate God’s love for us, and are not empty. They have behind them a law of divine power that guides us every step of the way.

Tad Blake-Weber lives in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. 

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