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Eye on the World: a more "equitable" China?

- Eye on the World

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In his first speech as Chinese Prime Minister on Sunday, Li Keqiang discussed a more “equitable” society and a governmental emphasis on citizen welfare, environmental protection, and less bureaucracy. This kind of focus, Mr. Li said, is meant to bring about a “great renaissance of the Chinese nation,” addressing the gaps between the rich and poor and the troubling social issues that have arisen from the country’s economic boom. In a press conference in which only pre-approved questions were permitted, the new Chinese government said it plans to reduce spending on government buildings and travel, crack down on corruption, and emphasize programs that will benefit the rural poor. 

Regardless of our political leanings or cultural heritage, we can all appreciate the desire for a society that’s fair and robust, and in which both economic opportunity and the welfare of a nation’s citizens are valued. “Prayer for government” is a good starting point for our prayers — prayers that are not for or against any particular administration or political approach, but recognize of the fact that inspired solutions bubble to the surface when we seek to follow God’s direction. God blesses all of us abundantly, and our prayers to understand more of these blessings can have an uplifting effect on societies around the world.

Given the Chinese government’s remarks on environmental stewardship, “Humanity and the environment — in harmony” is a timely read. As we pray to witness the environment as a part of God’s good creation, in which all ideas are consonant with each other, we’ll see God’s care more clearly — and a picture of resource depletion and pollution will give way to one of sustainability and harmony.

Abundance and the global economy” helps us see that as we pray, we can recognize that God doesn’t divide His creation into “haves” and “have-nots,” and it’s right to expect any perception of societal inequality to dissolve as each individual sees their divine potential and security.

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