The Motherhood of God

A student of Christian Science had experienced an instantaneous healing of grief at the passing on of her mother but had not entirely overcome the feeling of missing her actual presence. Sometimes she longed to see her just to share with her the happenings of everyday life.

One afternoon she attended a Christian Science lecture. Shortly before it started, she became aware that the prevailing atmosphere of animated conversation had changed to hushed stillness. At other times prior to the beginning of a lecture this student had experienced an awareness of what she felt was the presence of God. On this occasion, however, this period was accompanied by a particular inflow of tender, all-embracing love. Thoughts of the motherhood of God flooded her consciousness; and the feeling she then had of being cared for, watched over, and loved as a child by its mother has remained with her ever since. The longing for her own mother's presence was healed that afternoon, and the unfoldment of God as Mother has been a continuous blessing to her and to her family.

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The world generally thinks of God as Father, as He or Him; but how wonderfully complete a picture is brought forth by Mrs. Eddy! Throughout her writings she reveals the great spiritual fact that God is not only the Father of man but also his Mother. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy writes, "Love, the divine Principle, is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man." Science and Health, p. 256;

Christian Science in its teaching of the motherhood of God has given to the world an understanding of the ever-present Mother, who in infinite tenderness and brooding love sees only the spiritual child of Love's creating, a reflection of the perfect creative Principle in whom there is no sin, disease, or death.

The recognition of God as Mother expands the human concept of motherhood to embrace all that is required for one to fulfill one's purpose before and after the birth of a little one. And the continued acknowledgment of God as Mother enfolds and blesses both mother and child throughout their entire earthly experience.

All the qualities of motherhood are included in Mind, God, and man, Mind's complete idea, reflects these unlimited qualities. There is always more than enough love, intelligence, steadfastness, gentleness, and goodwill to meet the human need; but to perfect one's own concept of God as Mother, one must claim the God-given ability to see and express these qualities. All mankind need this correct concept of God's motherhood. Humanity is reaching out longingly for the consolation and assurance that mother-love brings.

Many are deeply aware of the fatherhood of God and will be greatly encouraged to find, through the revelation of Christian Science, that the Bible promise, "As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem," Isa. 66:13; has been fulfilled.

The richness of mother-love emanating from God is eternal and ever present, embracing all in its purity, warmth, and sustenance. This love fulfills the human need in just the way it must be fulfilled. Understanding this, no one can feel separated from a loved mother or be lacking in any of the qualities of Love.

As followers of Christ Jesus, we are indebted to him for his perfect understanding of God as our Father. Through the divinely inspired works of Mrs. Eddy this Father we have loved so long is now revealed as Mother. Thus the complete idea of God is here, unfolding to receptive hearts everywhere the ever-present, unchanging care of Love.

So let us be glad and rejoice in this truth, echoing the words of Mrs. Eddy when she wrote of her students and her Christmas storehouse: "Here I talk once a year,—and this is a bit of what I said in 1890: 'O glorious Truth! O Mother Love! how has the sense of Thy children grown to behold Thee! and how have many weary wings sprung upward! and how has our Model, Christ, been unveiled to us, and to the age!"' Miscellaneous Writings, p. 159.

Christian Science Can Heal Loneliness
May 25, 1968

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