The following was written in support of Church Alive, a focus of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, that explores the meaning and possibilities of awakening to the spiritual basis and impact of Church. 

Your ideas are needed, too!

A few years ago my involvement in church changed. I grew up attending a Christian Science Sunday School. Following Sunday School, I attended church services regularly. However, I wasn’t sure why people joined church when they could simply attend services.

A shift in my thinking happened when members of my church started approaching me for ideas and input. They really seemed to value my thoughts and needed some assistance in practical ways that I could fulfill. I began to see that I could be a blessing to church.

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Joining church has enabled me to be active in my community, blessing and enriching the community through spiritual resources that heal and meet people’s needs. I also love reaching out to others (along with my fellow church members) through fellowship, sharing testimonies, and telling someone new about Christian Science for the first time.

Your Sunday School wants to hear your voice, what you have to offer and share. This may mean speaking up in class or bringing a lesson plan yourself.

An important thing to realize about church is that you are valuable and needed! God created each of us unique and has given you specific qualities and talents. There isn’t anyone who can express divine Love and Life in the exact way you do; therefore, you can never be replaced by anyone else. Church is also unique and blesses the world and your relationship with God in a way that nothing else can.

Perhaps you’re currently attending Sunday School. Well, your Sunday School absolutely wants to hear from you. It wants to hear your voice, what you have to offer and share. This may mean speaking up in class or bringing a lesson plan yourself. Or you may want to help pick out the hymns for Sunday morning. You may even find a way to reach out to other kids in the community. You can be assured that your unique gifts are needed and can be put to good use!

If you’re a young person who is a new member, or you’re thinking of joining a church, know that your perspective is valid. Youthfulness and youthful thinking represent newness, freshness, spontaneity, and a connection to others. Youthful thinking is natural and inherent in all of us. You may have a connection with young people from college or an awareness of issues that kids might be facing that will be helpful in your interactions with other members. There might be some outreach you can do to lovingly respond to issues related to young people through the Reading Room or a lecture, a fellowship activity, or a service project to help people at your school or in the community.

The important thing is to get involved! You can and do make a difference right where you are, right now in your relationship with others and God. Don’t be discouraged if some of your ideas are not used. One nice thing about church is being part of a family, and sometimes it takes time for the family to grow together and to appreciate everyone’s perspectives. Having patience, and a motive to love and give to others, will keep you joyful and dedicated to seeing good in the church and community.

Happy churchgoing!

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May 16, 2011

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