No more food allergies

The year before Christian Science came into my life, I left a full-time teaching position to stay at home with my infant son. For several years, I had had a recurring physical problem, which greatly intensified during this period. After many tests, I was diagnosed with severe food allergies and was forced to completely abstain from many kinds of foods. It was almost impossible to live normally. I couldn’t go out to eat, as I had to know exactly what was contained in everything I ingested. I prepared normal meals for my family, but was unable to eat much of it.

I pursued many kinds of alternative healing therapies, various diets, and vitamin therapies, including naturopathic and other treatments. With each of the treatments I would feel relief and think I had solved the problem, but the improvement was always temporary and would not last for more than a few months. In addition, with each trip to the doctor the list of food allergies grew and grew. I became very alarmed.

Our family was going through a period of tremendous financial strain, and it was clear I needed to go back to work. A friend knew I had a talent for sewing and found me a job making clothes for someone being cared for at a Christian Science nursing facility. It was there that I first encountered Christian Science. I worked for this woman for over a year and witnessed the loving nursing care she received. I also believed I was witnessing the healing that Jesus practiced and said was available to all that believe (see Mark 9:23).

When I began to enquire about Christian Science, this woman’s family gave me a copy of Science and Health and advised me to read it, and to take what I could use and put it into practice. I embraced the reading with an open mind and heart. Within two weeks of starting to read Science and Health, I felt a big change. I felt loved, safe, and cared for. I began to understand that God was not punishing me for something I must have done. I didn’t deserve this terrible suffering. 

Within only a few days more, I was free of the fear of eating something that would make me sick, and I simply began to eat normally. There were no more bad effects from any food. That problem melted away, and the healing has remained permanent. That was 28 years ago. Now, people sometimes remark about what a healthy appetite I have for one who is so petite.

The readings from the Bible at a recent Wednesday testimony meeting included part of the Lord’s Prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matt. 6:11). They also included the spiritual sense of this line, as recorded in Science and Health: “Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections” (p. 17). I thought immediately of my healing of food allergies. At the time, I was so thrilled by the physical change, and the ideas I was studying were so new to me, that I didn’t really understand how I was healed. But I now saw the connection between imbibing the spiritual truth contained in Science and Health, and God’s grace, feeding my “famished affections” and meeting my spiritual need. 

My early life experience had included many sorrows, losses, periods of rejection, and stress. During my first reading of Science and Health, a lifelong fear of rejection and loss was replaced by a sense of divine Love’s permanence in my life. Nothing but a true understanding of God’s love could have eliminated the fear and healed me of that food problem. 

Today I am so grateful for God’s perpetual love and tender leading. I am grateful for the precious truth found in Science and Health, which gives access to the inspired Word of the Bible that restores and heals. I am grateful for Christ Jesus’ example, showing how the healing truth is available to all. And I am grateful for the spiritual lessons and healing that have occurred since receiving my first copy of Science and Health. 

Cynthia Tyler
Dorchester, Massachusetts, US 

Testimony of Healing
‘All glorious within’
August 8, 2011

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