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Good leadership

- Sentinel Audio Chat

In this engaging chat, Barbara addresses many challenging questions surrounding the idea of leadership. She begins by acknowledging that many people feel "we're not seeing strong leadership coming forward." But she goes on to give reason for hope. She says we can support the idea that leaders can get beyond selfishness and partisanship, in order to genuinely serve others and express spiritual ideals of integrity, goodness, and humility.

Barbara responds to thoughtful questions such as, "I feel hopeless that my vote (let alone my prayers) can make a difference in government, so what's the use?" "What's the best way to pray for a good election season without getting caught up in partisan attacks?" "How can I distinguish between politicians who seek solutions versus those who are influenced by interest groups, religious dogma, and personal gain?" "How can we pray about the cruelty and tyranny in Syria today?" And, "How might we pray about the use of guns in the United States?"

Listen to Barbara’s ideas about inspired leadership, and find healing answers.

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