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Healed of flu symptoms and abdominal pain

From the July 10, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

After going to bed one night, I began to experience sudden and overwhelming symptoms of the flu, which seemed to be prevalent in my community. Then my nose started to bleed, and on top of that I felt a nagging and persistent aching pain in my abdomen.

Whoa! What’s going on here? I thought. I lay as still as I could and focused on turning thought away from the body and to God. I had learned in an authorized course of instruction in Christian Science healing, called Christian Science Primary class instruction, that physical problems are the manifestation of aggressive mental suggestions. 

I also knew that the kingdom of God reigns in man—the real spiritual man—and that this includes me. And I knew that my individual embodiment of Godlike spiritual qualities was the reality of my being, and that my identity was spiritual and had nothing to do with matter.

A short time after I affirmed these truths, the bleeding stopped. The symptoms of flu also completely abated. But the pain in my abdomen continued. I thanked God for the evidence of His/Her love and expected complete healing.

I have always loved Mary Baker Eddy’s description in her book Unity of Good of how Christ Jesus healed: “He demanded a change of consciousness and evidence, and effected this change through the higher laws of God” (p. 11). If Jesus could do this, then I could too. He said so.

I continued to demand a change of consciousness and evidence. The change in consciousness involved exchanging mortal thinking and belief in material laws for the divine laws of Spirit—ever present and all-powerful. The change in evidence was natural as I acknowledged the truth of perfect Mind and perfect reflection, “perfect God and perfect man” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 259). The so-called body must be governed by the Mind that governs man. It has no alternative.

I fell asleep and awoke in the morning at my usual time, completely free from any discomfort. It was nothing. Divine Love had melted it all away.

Bonita Rea
Roswell, Georgia, US

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