Constant Renewal

In order to counteract frustration, dull routine, and any sense of deterioration, one must gain some concept of the infinite nature of being and the continuous unfoldment that is normal in God's creation. Creation is going on constantly. Man as God's child is infinite, and he is always unfolding in new expression. This fact is not confined to generic man but applies specifically to individual man. Each one can find renewal and regeneration in the fact that his true identity as God's likeness is immortal and unlimited.

Christian Science teaches that God is the Life of man. And this Life is eternal and immortal. It is infinite Spirit. The progressive realization of the infinite nature of God leads to constant renewal in the human expression. This fact is essential to healing. It is of utmost importance to challenge any sense of mortality, any sense of limitation or stagnation. Degenerative diseases stem from lack of regeneration, lack of realization of the unlimited energies of Life. In his daily study of Christian Science each one can feel the renewal that comes from the understanding that God, divine Principle, is the Life of man.

In the spring, nature gives us a good example of renewal and refreshment. Each new day brings unfoldment. The material seasons go through a cycle because they involve material, limited concepts, but spiritual ideas, being unlimited, present continuous unfoldment. Mrs. Eddy says, "The periods of spiritual ascension are the days and seasons of Mind's creation, in which beauty, sublimity, purity, and holiness—yea, the divine nature—appear in man and the universe never to disappear." Science and Health, p. 509

The fresh and bursting energy of youth sometimes displays itself in unusual behavior, in strange antics, and extreme attitudes. But seen in the light of Science, this energy represents newness of life and cannot be harmful or destructive. Creative power originates with Mind, divine Love. It has been counterfeited in various forms of materiality, but Christian Science enables us to see and understand the original sense of this energy and hence opens the way to control the human manifestations. Because there is one God, one cause, we can demonstrate that all action comes from this one source and is an expression of the divine Principle of harmony and health.

The virgin birth of Christ Jesus and his power to heal all manner of discord and disease were expressions of the divine energy. His simple statement, "I came forth from the Father," John 16:28 showed his keen sense of divine causation. And also his resurrection and ascension give evidence of the continuous upward path and constant renewal that result from reflecting God, the one infinite Life. The direction of his experience was upward all the way.

If we think of man as a mortal, material creation, we subject ourselves to the theories of deterioration and death. But if we conceive of man as the idea of infinite Spirit, the expression of Soul, we can begin to see the deathless nature of man. We begin to see the continuously unfolding nature of God's idea and to experience the constant renewal that this includes. Mrs. Eddy touches on this point in the textbook, Science and Health: "When spiritual being is understood in all its perfection, continuity, and might, then shall man be found in God's image." Science and Health, p. 325

The dynamic energy of this renewal should affect all the various facets of our experience. We should feel renewal in our sense of home, in our relationships with our friends and companions, in our outlook toward new fields of knowledge, new horizons of exploration, new forms of art, music, science. One can never be bored with existence if he sees it in the proper light. Dullness, stereotyped, tired thinking, sin and disease, are due to lack of insight, lack of inspiration. Life and goodness are intensely interesting and engaging. If one is continuously interested in living, he will not be mesmerized into dying.

We should consider this idea of renewal with respect to our churches. The true idea of Church is spiritual. It reflects spiritual energy because it proceeds from divine Principle. It expresses newness of life. We must clothe it in new garments. The energy of The Mother Church is being manifested in the new quarters for the Christian Science Church Center now under construction in Boston. This is a natural expression of the expanding activity that is being undertaken. Each student of Christian Science should conceive of the usefulness of this new development and aid in its fulfillment.

In considering the various phases of our experience, let us work to see the divine impetus in our activity. Let us feel the inspiration of endless Life, of ceaseless cause operating through its ideas. Mrs. Eddy states, "With each returning year, higher joys, holier aims, a purer peace and diviner energy, should freshen the fragrance of being." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 330

William Milford Correll
Testimony of Healing
In one of her hymns Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and...
March 9, 1968

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