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I could rely on God at camp

Last summer was the first time I was at camp without my sister or parents. I was nervous about being alone because I really did not know who was going be there, and I was not sure about whom I could turn to if I needed the kind of help that I usually get from my family. But I knew how I could pray to God.

I like horses, and I was enrolled in the horsemanship program. One of the things that I was looking forward to was a three-day camping trip on horseback. We would ride most of the day and would make camp in late afternoon and sleep under a tarp.

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On the last day of the trip, we stopped on the trail, and I dismounted my horse to take a break. When I got back on my horse and was continuing on the trail, I realized that I did not know where my gloves were. I was worried that I had left them back where we had stopped, and there was no time to go back to look for them.

I decided to turn to God for help. I started to pray with the hymn by Mary Baker Eddy, called " 'Feed My Sheep'." I like the first verse which says:

Shepherd, show me how to go
O'er the hillside steep,
How to gather, how to sow,—
How to feed Thy sheep;
I will listen for Thy voice,
Lest my footsteps stray;
I will follow and rejoice
All the rugged way.
(Christian Science Hymnal, No. 304)

Then a thought came to me to look down at my saddle. There, in my bandana that was holding my water to my saddle, were my gloves. I was happy that I had found my gloves, because when I lose something, I usually feel bad about it.

This showed me that God can give me the answer, even if I am alone or around people I don't know. It proved to me that I can turn to God wherever I am. God is always there.
Astrid, 12
Dow, lllinois

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