God places you

The right spot for you is reserved for you.

Being In The right place at the right time is often regarded as a matter of luck. To many people, knowing what one's right place is can be very challenging—and getting it, something else altogether. Or so it would seem.

But the truth is that each of us as God's man—as the spiritual idea of God, made in His image and likeness—is never separated from God and His government. Man can never be a party to chance or circumstance, nor can he ever be misplaced or left out of good. As Science and Health points out,"The belief that man has existence or mind separate from God is a dying error. This error Jesus met with divine Science and proved its nothingness" (p. 42 ).

To the degree we understand our relation to God, we will experience the evidence of this understanding in our daily life. This evidence includes being in that place best suited for us.

I knew that my son did not want any position if it wasn't his to have, nor could he have it if it belonged to another.

There was a time when applications were being made for one son to enter college and for another to be admitted to law school. In the case of the highschool senior, the boy had been strongly advised by his class counselor not to write for his college application an essay dealing with sports, as that topic was thought to be shopworn. But this young man, through years of playing tennis on state and national levels, had worked out, on the basis of his understanding of his relation to God, problems of all kinds as they came up on the tennis court. Following the intuition coming to him from God, he wrote a deeply thoughtful essay dealing with his personal participation in tennis. Later, the very counselor who had urged another topic said she had never read an essay so reflective of the individual applicant and asked if she might use it as a model for other students.

There were many anxious times, waiting to hear from colleges. All the while, the boy made every effort to turn from human ego and to listen humbly for the direction and guidance of God, divine Mind. From the beginning, he had acknowledged that the one infinite Mind, God, is the only real Mind of man. In this infinite Mind there is no ignorance, uncertainty, or confusion. This same Mind, he understood, is the all-present, loving Father who always cares for His children. Apprehension was replaced by a solid trust in His government and a certain sense that a place had been provided for him. He was able to let go of any personally conceived plan of what was best for him or what the outcome would be.

As it turned out, this son was accepted at all five highly selective schools to which he had applied.

But the situation of his older brother, earnestly seeking a career in law, was quite different. This son had a mediocre undergraduate record. Although he did have an A average in graduate school, this was not a consideration for admission to law school, and his prospects of acceptance seemed slight. As one rejection followed another, I prayed to realize that all good was already prepared for my son by his loving Father-Mother, as the Master, Jesus Christ, teaches: "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you" (John 14:2 ).

I knew that this place was where his creator wanted it to be and that it belonged to my son alone, as does each individual's place in God's spiritual universe. I knew that divine Love is all-inclusive—no one is left out—and that my son did not want any position if it wasn't his to have, nor could he have it if it belonged to another. Speaking of the allness of God, Mary Baker Eddy adds, "Now this self-same God is our helper. He pities us. He has mercy upon us, and guides every event of our careers" (Unity of Good, pp. 3–4 ).

At this time, the boy's father, who was also praying steadfastly, learned of a well-respected school of law whose policy was to accept, from a pool of three hundred or more applicants, half a dozen students who did not meet the academic requirements for law school admission but who, nonetheless, seemed promising. When the boy's father made contact with this school and our son's application was submitted, only two openings remained. One was given to our son.

Being in the right place is vital to all of us, whether we're seeking a place to study, to work, or to live. But where "we live, and move, and have our being" (Acts 17:28 ) is actually wholly spiritual, not something we must acquire. Since God is the source of all wisdom, it is important to seek and obey His guidance in every activity. Whatever human footsteps may be required should be taken, not as a result of self-will or mere human planning, but in accordance with God's unerring guidance. The need is to hold tenaciously to the fact that man, the divine image, can never be separated from God or kept from his rightful place. It is this state of spiritual consciousness that determines our human affairs. It is not fate; it is not luck. It is a conviction that God has prepared all good for His idea, man, including that place best suited for him.

Pray persistently—and the fog lifts
May 25, 1998

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