A daughter’s quick healing

I am grateful for the healing experi­ences our family has had and continues to have. Our trust in God and His healing power grows each time we demonstrate God’s care for us. With each healing, we learn more about spiritual truth as well as how to listen more carefully to God. 

One healing that stands out is an instantaneous healing our young daughter had. She was experiencing difficulty with breathing, and we called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for her. 

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The practitioner reminded and assured us that our daughter was the full and free spiritual expression of God. And as the spiritual expression of God, she expressed good only. There could be no foundation for evil because our daughter’s being is based in God, who is all good. 

The practitioner instructed us to identify and cherish the spiritual qualities that our daughter expresses and to call her back in a short time. Meanwhile, the practitioner was going to give our daughter Christian Science treatment.

I sat with my daughter in a cozy chair, and we wrote a list of spiritual qualities that she expresses in her “healing journal.” This is a journal we keep as a place to write down statements of spiritual truth in Christian Science. This helps us lift our thought to the truth while we are praying for healing. Compiling this list with my daughter was a joy. I could see her feeling more peace, gratitude, and reassurance as she and I dwelt on the abundance of good that God manifests in her.

As we discussed my daughter’s expression of each of God’s spiritual qualities, we recognized that she possessed these qualities as the reflection of Soul, her true individuality.

After we made this list, my daughter said: “Mom, I can breathe again. I’m ready to play!” She bounded off to play with a friend, who was expectantly waiting for her to have a healing so they could resume playing. I was in awe of the quick healing I had just witnessed. I thanked God with heartfelt humility and overflowing gratitude.  

I heard my daughter and her friend playing happily in the next room, and I knew the healing was complete. The mesmeric fear had been broken, and she was free. I called back the practitioner to thank her for her prayer and to report the instantaneous healing I had witnessed. She was not surprised to hear this, as she knew all was well.

I thanked God for this proof of my daughter’s birthright of perfection, expressed in her by her Maker, God. My daughter and I wrote down this healing in her journal, and we knew this
healing would be a strong foundation for her in times to come—something she could refer back to as a clear proof of God’s healing power and care. 

Monnie Brodbeck 
St. Louis, Missouri, US

I had this instantaneous healing. It happened very quickly and I am so grateful. My mom and I knew that I was perfect because God made me and keeps me perfect all the time. Nothing could stop me from having a great day and being free from error.

Lydia Brodbeck

Testimony of Healing
‘False report’ corrected
March 9, 2015

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