Our occasional series on how people have nurtured their public practice of Christian Science healing.

The power of the testimony


Testimonies of healing are everywhere! And they are central to Christian Science. They are in The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald magazines, at testimony meetings, in Sunday School lessons, in the last chapter of Science and Health, and online. The power of the testimony lies in the fact that Christian Scientists can prove what they’ve learned by healing. And no one can take away or discredit what we have proved for ourselves.

My family was introduced to Christian Science when my grandfather was healed of severe head injuries. His testimony and other healings my family had were the springboard for me to practice Christian Science. Although I broke away from it for about a year at one point, wanting to discover Truth for and by myself, I ultimately came back because I found Christian Science so compelling. I was seeing that the ideas of Christian Science, the law of Love, were everywhere.

It seemed that all aspects of my life were showing me more of the relevance of Christian Science. After making it my own, I saw how its ideas helped my post-college work in education. Later I worked as an administrator for a Christian Science nursing facility, where I saw countless examples of how practical Christian Science is. Being married and having children showed me how tender and powerful Love is. Later, in a job with the publisher of Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, I supported the worldwide distribution of Science and Health. As I traveled to Europe, Asia, and Latin America, I saw how deep the hunger and wide the demand is to know more about Christian Science.

Looking back, I see that each step was preparing me to be a healer. And I just wanted to take more steps! I wanted to dive in with a commitment to help make this Science available, responding more fully to the growing demand for healing through prayer. I knew it was my time to add to the record of healing by becoming a Christian Science practitioner. I got an office, set up a website, put an ad in the local paper, and I was off!

When I first started, however, calls were few, and I struggled with having the confidence to meet them. Then the thought came to put up a post-it note on a bulletin board for every call that came in, and to add to that note the idea that led to healing. For example, I had a call about abdominal pains. When that was healed, I wrote “abdominal pains” and “hymns of comfort” underneath it. A call about finding a house was supported with “the expectancy of good.” I would regularly pray for the world, so under “fear and poverty” would be “infinite possibilities for good.” With each call, I wrote more notes and began filling up the board.

These notes weren’t formulas or shortcuts. They were a joyous record of dominion over all sorts of limiting conditions. Soon my bulletin board was full of colorful notes, each pointing to progress and healing.

Whenever a suggestion came to thought that Christian Science was not capable of healing or that I was not able to heal, I would take a glance at my bulletin board. I knew better! I had powerful proof of what Mrs. Eddy wrote to Janette Weller, one of her students: “Realize constantly that no mortal mind (so-called) can affect you or make you believe you cannot cure your patients. There is no malice, no envy, no will power. All is Love and Truth” (Yvonne Caché von Fettweis and Robert Townsend Warneck, Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer, Amplified Edition, p. 226). I was learning that healing does not rest on human achievement, but on what we are acknowledging about God. My bulletin board was not about my ability. It was about acknowledging God’s creation: perfect, whole, joyful, and purposeful.

I’ve exchanged my colorful bulletin board for a notebook of published testimonies and articles and as-yet-unpublished healings in which I’ve been involved. These testimonies are the bedrock of my practice and my fact files.

The first line of the first chapter of Science and Health starts out, “The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God . . . .” And the second sentence articulates the authority of testimonies: “Regardless of what another may say or think on this subject, I speak from experience” (p. 1 ). That is the power of the testimony!

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