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From the Editors

Beyond positive thinking

From the July 14, 2014 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

If you’ve read this issue of the Sentinel straight through, then you’ve just now read several verified accounts of Christian Science healing. Every week this magazine publishes compelling testimonies of the power of God to heal, written by regular everyday people from around the world. This shows that Christian Science healing is just as relevant, useful, and effective today as it was when Mary Baker Eddy discovered it well over 100 years ago and when Jesus practiced it in his healing ministry. 

This scientific method of healing is based on divine laws—laws of God that are always in operation. These laws include the law of divine Love, because God, Love, is always loving His entire universe. And the law of divine Life, because God, Life, gives eternal life to every one of us—every idea in creation. And the law of Truth, because God, Truth, reveals our true spiritual nature, which is always free, upright, and whole. 

When we understand these laws of God, we can apply them to our lives, and this application naturally results in healing. It’s important to understand that this method of healing is based on law because this healing can sometimes be misunderstood as mere positive thinking. This misinterpretation goes something like this: “Christian Science has some nice thoughts about God and each of us, but that’s all it is—just nice thoughts.”

We don’t have to think up the “right” thoughts to pray. God gives us the spiritual ideas that bring healing.

That can lead to one of the most pernicious arguments against the practice of Christian Science today, which is that, while the religion may have nice things to say, it does not actually heal. The testimonies of healing in every issue of this magazine certainly attest otherwise, but it’s still vital to recognize that the practice of Christian Science goes far beyond mere positive thinking. 

Christian Science practice isn’t about using a human brain to conjure up some nice thoughts about God that allegedly heal. It’s about yielding totally to the divine Mind—not reasoning out from the human mind, but letting the divine Mind, God, guide and shape our prayers.

The Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, explains: “Many imagine that the phenomena of physical healing in Christian Science present only a phase of the action of the human mind, which action in some unexplained way results in the cure of disease. On the contrary, Christian Science rationally explains that all other pathological methods are the fruits of human faith in matter,—faith in the workings, not of Spirit, but of the fleshly mind which must yield to Science” (p. xi).

When we “yield to Science”—when we let God, divine Mind, shape our praying and thinking—then we don’t have to think up the “right” thoughts to pray. God gives us the spiritual ideas that bring healing. Why? Because the laws of God exist. We don’t have to make them exist. We just have to yield to them, and when we do, we will surely find healing.

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