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Anger management? Or freedom from anger?

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An antidote to anger, Dotty says, is an awareness and acceptance of God's love for each of us—including the individual toward whom we may be feeling anger. She says, "We have a right to feel God's love for us," and also that we can strive to see everyone from the standpoint of God's love. We are "witnesses to God's glory," and when we see God's love, we will feel satisfied and at peace.

Among the questions she answers are: how to deal with anger that "just bubbles up out of nowhere;" what to do when one is pushed out of a job and treated unjustly; how to forgive those who have expressed anger toward us. Dealing with anger over things that happened in the past that are still affecting one's peace of mind and well-being, overcoming anger over international events that are disturbing, and also resisting rage over cruel actions reported in the media are also covered. Dotty says, "God's plan is so much greater than what we can see," and we "are important to His work." Her point is that we not be discouraged by challenges but trust that His love and His justice will be there for us.

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