Once when I was working in the kitchen of our farmhouse, I...

Once when I was working in the kitchen of our farmhouse, I saw our two-and-a-half-year-old son going out to the back porch where he often played. Soon he came back in and clung to my side. Then he started to cry, and told me he had had a drink of juice that was now burning his mouth. I went out to find an open bottle of fly control phosphate poison that my husband used for spraying the barn area.

I picked up the child and, while embracing him, smelled the poison on his breath. In panic I yelled down to my husband in the barn to come up to the house at once. But he did not hear me.

Soon I regained control of myself and reached out to God with my whole heart in prayer. As I picked up the bottle of phosphate, I read the label, which said that in case of an emergency one should call a physician. I immediately thought of God as our only physician. A familiar description of God, given by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health, then illuminated my consciousness like a light; it is found in the Glossary of the book: "God. The great I am ; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle; Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence" (p. 587 ).

I became very still and conscious only of God's allness and presence. I was then at peace and knew all was well.

A Bible verse from Mark came to me—"and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them" (16:18 ). I realized no child of God had ever been touched by poison, nor had ever been separated from God's perfection; our son remained as perfect as God had made him. This made me freer. I noticed the child had stopped crying, so I put him down. He began to play. This all took place within a ten-minute period.

When my husband came into the house, I told him what had happened. He felt he should take the boy to the hospital, and I went with them.

The doctor in the emergency room was very kind. He said they would have to pump our son's stomach, but I heard the doctor saying he would soon go into convulsions anyway and then die. But I remained calm and confident in the truth. The doctor then stated that it took less than one hour for the poison to have an effect; this proved to me that time cannot hinder Christian Science healing, for it had already been two hours since the incident. Our son never went into convulsions, did not die, and was well.

In a few days my husband said he didn't believe our son had swallowed the poison, as there were no aftereffects. Later that week he saw the attending physician, and asked him if there had been any poison found. He was told poison had been found in the child's stomach, as well as in his entire system. The doctor also told my husband he believed that, if it were not for his wife's faith, his child would have died.

I can hardly express my gratitude for this healing, for it brought me such a conviction and understanding of divine Truth. God's omnipotence was so evident in this healing that reformation took place in our family. My husband began to study Christian Science, and we all experienced a greater sense of God's goodness and love. I gained more patience as a mother in rearing all our children.

Christian Science has taught me to love and understand the Bible. Through healings in our family, we have seen Christ Jesus' teachings made practical.

Rosemary Sholes Davis
Orondo, Washington

This is to verify that the incident related in my wife's testimony is true and accurate. At the time of the accident I was not a Christian Scientist; however, this healing was a turning point in my Christian beliefs. Afterward I took up the study of Christian Science and became a member of the Christian Science Society where I serve today.

I thank God for helping and healing my family many times.

Ronald G. Davis
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