Discover your God-given talents

We all have talents. 

How can such a statement be true? Because each and every one of us is God’s offspring and reflects the infinite capabilities of God, good. Knowing this great fact has the effect of awakening in a person hope, confidence, and a new sense of worth.

I saw this awakening in a young woman I once knew. She saw me reading one day and asked about the book. I told her it was Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which is the Christian Science textbook. She knew nothing about the book or about Christian Science, so I told her a little of what it teaches and some of what my husband and I had experienced in practicing its teachings. She asked if she could borrow the book; I had an extra copy, which I gladly gave to her. 

Over the next few weeks she would say, “I’m reading a little of the book each day and finding some brand-new thoughts in it.” She was taking to it, as the saying goes, the way a duck takes to water.

One day she called me and excitedly asked if we could meet. She had come to page 89 of Science and Health, where Mrs. Eddy writes: “Mind is not necessarily dependent upon educational processes. It possesses of itself all beauty and poetry, and the power of expressing them.” My friend could not stop thinking about these words. Being someone with little formal schooling, she said, she had felt inferior all her life. She yearned to express herself better and to be more active in her Baptist church, but never felt she was educated enough to try. She had decided she just didn’t have the right stuff. But the words she read had changed her view. 

Earlier on the same page, Mrs. Eddy describes a person who feels incapable as saying, “I am incapable of words that glow, for I am uneducated.” Then she explains: “This familiar instance reaffirms the Scriptural word concerning a man, ‘As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ If one believes that he cannot be an orator without study or a superinduced condition, the body responds to this belief, and the tongue grows mute which before was eloquent.”

We have unlimited talents.

The opposite happened with my friend: As she learned to see herself as the fully capable child of God, she began to express more capability and freedom. Her family noticed how much more freely she expressed her thoughts. She was happy to contribute in her church and much more confident in what she had to offer others. 

For those who long to express themselves more fully, understanding that their abilities come from God can be transformative. Knowing more of God gives us an understanding of our true being, which is spiritual and perfect, as the inspired Word of the Bible tells us in the first chapter of Genesis. As individuals acknowledge this spiritual selfhood as their real, present identity, they become aware of innate capabilities that they hadn’t been aware of, and this encourages them to assert their freedom from beliefs of incompetence, fear, mediocrity, and resignation.

This clear comprehension of his own unique relation to God and of everyone’s spiritual, Godlike nature equipped Christ Jesus with unparalleled wisdom and power. Despite what often appeared to be overwhelming obstacles and confrontations, the master Christian demonstrated dominion over disease, storms, controversy, lack of resources, and even death. Yet he humbly said, “I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30).

Christian Science shows that as the expression of the one, divine creative intelligence or Mind, we each have unlimited talents, and therefore can discover them and confidently and increasingly express and live them. We do not have to yearn wistfully or search for them, because in spiritual reality, as the reflection of divine Mind, we already have them. How do we go about demonstrating this? By realizing we are never separated from God’s love and help.

Science and Health tells us: “A knowledge of the Science of being develops the latent abilities and possibilities of man. It extends the atmosphere of thought, giving mortals access to broader and higher realms” (p. 128).

As we recognize our inseparability from God, we can recognize, develop, and express more fully the talents we have always had.

Man—the spiritual identity of men, women, and children—is eternally capable and prepared, and is inspired with an abundance of original, useful ideas. He is never inferior or inadequate. Nor can he be restricted by false beliefs of timidity, insufficient experience, or lack of ability. He possesses now and always the constant capacity to express the fullness of immortal being.

The understanding of God as the only creator, and of man as the expression of this creative power, frees us from fear of inadequacy and helps bring to light the God-bestowed talents that have always belonged to us. Such Christly knowledge is the light in our experience, bringing into our lives a greater dominion and purpose, as well as rewarding activity.

An experience I had several years ago proved this. At a meeting of hundreds of people, I was asked to compose a paper that would represent the views of all present. I was given less than two hours to come up with fresh, suitable ideas. At first, I was overwhelmed. Inexperienced, unprepared, and feeling unequal to the task, I immediately thought, “I can’t possibly do this.” But I turned to God for help; I prayed, “Father, show me what to do.” Within moments, a comforting statement made by Jesus came to mind, awakening confidence: “The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works” (John 14:10).

As I thought about these words, I began to identify myself correctly. I affirmed my unity with divine Mind—the governing, creative Principle, or intelligence, of all. I reasoned that I was the reflection of this infinite Mind and that nothing could prevent me from expressing the intelligence, inspiration, and ability needed to carry out this assignment.

Ideas came. Well before the deadline, the project was completed. The whole experience had been inspired and effortless.

Using our talents is a matter of spiritual understanding—a recognition that we reflect God, infinite Mind. As we recognize our inseparability from Him, we can recognize, develop, and express more fully the talents we have always had.

November 11, 2019

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