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Safe on the freeway

From the January 28, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

A recent Sentinel issue, “Proof that God exists” (October 1, 2012) reminded me of a wonderful, touching healing several years ago that showed me that God and His angels exist. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy describes angels as “God’s thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions …” (p. 581).

This proved to be the case many years ago one snowy morning on my way to work. All of a sudden my SUV started traveling at increasing speeds due to the accelerator pedal moving away from my foot on its own toward the floor. Not even applying the brake with both feet could stop the vehicle. As I was traveling in the outer lane on the freeway, my immediate concern was to not cause harm or an accident to other cars during the morning rush hour. At this time, cellphones were not prevalent, so I did not have a way to contact anyone for help. 

I really did not know what to do, as all of this was occurring very fast, and cars were blowing their horns. As I was raised in Christian Science, I had always believed and understood that God exists, and I’d had many proofs of healing through the years. So it was natural for me to turn to God, in spite of the alarming picture and panic that was trying to take over. There was no time for that. I simply said: “Father, I love You and trust You. Show me what to do!” In a matter of seconds, I heard God’s angel messages telling me exactly what to do in a series of practical steps. 

First, I was led to turn off the engine. Next, as the vehicle began to slow down from traveling at 90 miles per hour, I was guided to steer the SUV out of the fast lane onto a shoulder into a snow embankment. The final step that came to me was to switch the gears from drive to neutral, at which time the SUV slowed to a stop. In these few moments, I truly felt God’s warmth, His presence, and His angels. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God existed. God had guided me to safety and prevented others from being harmed by my “runaway” vehicle.

After the SUV stopped, I immediately stepped outside since part of it was still in the fast lane. Within a few minutes of thanking God and collecting my thoughts, a nice gentleman pulled over and asked if I needed help. I explained what had happened, and he proceeded to pop the accelerator, which had become stuck to the floor. I got back into the SUV and he guided me out of the embankment. He also directed traffic to enable me to exit off the freeway. I was very grateful for his kindness. Later that day, I took my vehicle to the car dealership for repair.

Several years later, I heard of other incidents in the news about this problem, identified as “sudden unintended acceleration,” and it was thought that perhaps this issue had been known for a long time, but never fixed. As I heard of lawsuits, the suggestion of resentment began to creep into my thought, with the sense that perhaps the manufacturer had been dishonest by trying to hide this dangerous problem so as not to affect business. I’ve always cherished a statement in Mary Baker Eddy’s Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896 where Mrs. Eddy speaks of “… the action that He adjusts” (p. 353). This reminded me that it wasn’t my responsibility to correct the problem. God would do that. I just needed to correct my thought about it to know that man is honest as God’s image and likeness. 

Whenever I had lingering thoughts about this incident, exploring Science and Health helped me see that nothing had ever taken place in God’s kingdom except perfection. I truly felt a sense of peace, and knew the memories of that day on the freeway could only remind me of God’s loving control.

To say that I am thankful for God’s protection would be an understatement. I am very grateful to my parents for giving our family Christian Science, and for my Christian Science teacher who provided a scientific understanding in Primary class instruction. He would always say, “These are more than just words, Barbara.” God’s angel messages that came to my aid that snowy morning were certainly more than words. 


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