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Harmony in music—and in man

From the April 17, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

When I was a piano teacher, I always loved helping my students master the basic techniques and theory of music so they could play beautifully. I can’t think of any student who, once having discovered the principles of music and applied them, didn’t enjoy the end result—heartfelt performances that brought joy and blessings to themselves and others.

Like the study of music, the study of Christian Science brings great joy and satisfaction—and it also brings healing. But, as with music, its rules and laws must be understood, studied, and practiced in order to produce harmony.

I think of some of my favorite composers, masters such as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Their profound grasp of the underlying science of music, as well as the heart and soul they poured into the composing and performing process, have earned them an enduring place in history. A child today, sitting at a piano, can take up their simplest compositions, study them, understand the basic techniques and rules that govern the music, and then tap in to the joy of wonderful music-making.  

Like the study of music, the study of Christian Science brings great joy and satisfaction—and it also brings healing. 

Christian Science explains the practice of spiritual healing, requiring the learner to follow and adhere to the teachings of the one Master, Christ Jesus. This Science, as discovered and founded by Mary Baker Eddy, explains Jesus’ teachings in their spiritual significance. 

Mrs. Eddy writes of Jesus: “The great teacher, preacher, and demonstrator of Christianity is the Master, who founded his system of metaphysics only on Christ, Truth, and supported it by his words and deeds” (Message to The Mother Church for 1901, p. 26) and “His example is, to Christian Scientists, what the models of the masters in music and painting are to artists” (Rudimental Divine Science, p. 3).

Jesus’ system of metaphysical healing was wholly spiritual and based on divine law, not on shifting material appearances or convictions. Its Principle is God, the one infinite Mind, or Spirit, who is wholly good, all-loving, and omnipotent—“a very present help in trouble,” as the Bible states (Psalms 46:1). Jesus embraced the entire family of man, created by this benevolent God and subordinate to God’s law of perpetual harmony, the law of good. Sickness and sin would challenge this truth, but Jesus proved them powerless.

You could say that Jesus was a virtuosic healer. But his healing practice was far from a showy, technical display. It resonated with deep chords of God’s love and the compassionate touch of the Christ, his divine nature. To him, man was not a hopeless sinner, but in reality a beautiful, holy, spiritual idea of God. Jesus clearly beheld that man reflected God’s harmony, not discord. This scientific viewpoint, imbued with the love of God, healed.

The Science of Christ reveals that what appear to be discordant conditions are outward manifestations of false belief—an ignorant sense of God’s law of harmony, which governs all true being. Sickness and disease are lawless; they are mistaken beliefs in the supposed power of matter. They represent an ignorance of the divine rules, or laws, of Love that govern all true being. Such beliefs are powerless. To Jesus, they were excluded from God’s supreme government. He vanquished them on the basis of their unreality and impossibility in the Science of being. 

An analogy in music is helpful: A G major chord consists of the notes G, B, and D, but if a musician were to think the chord consisted of the notes G, B, and C-sharp, discord would result when the chord is played. The solution would be a correct understanding and application of the science of chords—this would bring out harmony. 

I reached out to God, knowing again that His law of goodness fills all space and protects His children always. 

Just so, according to the Christian Science textbook, “It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and the right understanding of Him restores harmony” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 390).

One morning when I was visiting relatives with my family, I noticed a severe rash all over my back. I was initially alarmed. But I began to pray, as I had successfully done in the past with other ailments, by turning my attention to God and to His ever-present law of harmony. I could never have something that my heavenly Father didn’t ordain, I reasoned. His will is righteous and loving, and I was His spiritual idea reflecting His love only. 

I realized that because God is All-in-all, nothing exists to smite me or condemn me, and that this groundless suggestion or fearful belief could not gain a foothold in my thought. 

Soon I felt a peaceful assurance that all was well, and I went forward with the day’s activities, confident that God was with me. Later that morning, I noticed that the rash and discomfort and itching were completely gone. 

I felt so inspired by my renewed sense of God’s protecting law of harmony that that afternoon, when my teen-aged daughter complained of fever and congestion on a hike and asked me to pray, I reached out to God, knowing again that His law of goodness fills all space and protects His children always. Toward the end of the short hike, she was full of smiles and said, “Thanks, Mom!” The symptoms had vanished, and we thanked God together.

As a tender melody of music touches one’s heart and inspires joy, the light of the Christ, Truth, quickens, regenerates, and purifies the receptive thought. When we seek this light in earnest prayer, the Christ illumines God’s law of harmony as the reality and shows discord to be a misconception that fades with spiritual understanding. Then God’s enduring and precious love for us rings out like a spiritual symphony, and we discover more and more the nearness of His presence, protection, and healing power.

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