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Spine fracture healed

From the July 23, 2012 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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I would like to share the healing I experienced several months ago.  

After I was invited to the home of a dear co-worker for their orthodox Easter dinner and celebration, I was traveling back to my apartment when I had a car wreck. Someone behind me failed to brake as I was stopped at a stop sign off the ramp of a main interstate highway.  

That evening I was in terrible pain and went to the emergency room (ER) of the hospital where I am an employee. The first X-ray showed what is called a compressed fracture of a vertebra in my spine. At the ER I gently told them I was a Christian Scientist and did not want the procedures of blood pressure, temperature, etc. done. I did submit to taking one pain pill to lull the pain, so I could focus my thought and prayer on the healing of the injury. I then realized the material drug was not the cause of a cessation of the pain. Because I had uplifted my thought to the one divine Mind, divine Love, and was focusing only on what is real, the pain was not there! I did not need to have that pill.  

I was sent home and instructed to rest in bed, not climb stairs, and not lift anything until I saw a neurosurgeon, which I was required to do before I could return to my work in environmental services in the ER. 

When I returned to my apartment, I read throughout the night from the chapter “Physiology” in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, keeping my thoughts upward to divine Love. I did not take any more pain medication, and I had absolutely no pain. I was able to go up and down the stairs and carry out all other functions I am always able to do with no problem.   

After a week, I had my appointment to see the neurosurgeon. After he read the first X-rays he wanted me to have a bone scan. He also gave me a bottle of very strong narcotic pills in case of pain. I never took any of them and disposed of them properly. This doctor was very warm and receptive to my Christian Science beliefs. He told me that he does believe in the power of prayer, though he would not agree with me about not taking material medicine or having medical procedures.   

The bone scan showed no fracture at all and was clear. He said that it was an anomaly, something that medical science cannot always explain. Since then, I have returned to work with no restrictions. I have been able to complete all my job functions, keeping up with the very fast pace in the ER.  

In divine Love no injuries, accidents, or fractures exist. For me this experience was a discovery more than a recovery. I awakened from the dream, the “nightmare,” of what mortal mind sinisterly tried to relay to me in the direction of error such as: You were in a car wreck; you have a serious fracture of a vertebra in the spine; you are in pain; you need therapy; you need to take painkillers, and on and on. We are immortal beings with none of these unreal things. Those mortal thoughts are nothing but counterfeits of who we really are. We are the divine idea and reflection of such a loving Mom-Dad God. We are perfect spiritual beings.  

A dear friend from The Mother Church in Boston e-mailed me with these Truth-filled words: “. . . all of this is just natural and a wonderful evidence of God’s love and care for us . . . that we are seeing very natural evidence of this divine presence!” Also, he encouraged me to study pages 390–394 in Science and Health. Reading these words was a very deep comfort: “It is well to be calm in sickness; to be hopeful is still better; but to understand that sickness is not real and that Truth can destroy its seeming reality, is best of all, for this understanding is the universal and perfect remedy” (pp. 393–394). All of this can be said about injury and accident, which are just as unreal as sickness.

I know that this healing, this recovery/discovery, had nothing to do with the so-called personal sense of myself as “Brooks” at all. It has confirmed in my own heart that God’s love is unconditional, free, impartial, and that we are all perfect ideas, reflections of divine Love.  

I’m happy to tell you that the other person involved is just fine, too.

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