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Eye on the World: violence in Egypt

- Eye on the World

Egypt erupted in violence on Wednesday as security forces attacked two protest camps full of supporters of ex-President Mohammed Morsi. Hundreds were killed, and, in the hearts of many, the country’s military government lost the civilian credibility it had gained since deposing Mr. Morsi. Later that day, a wave of attacks on Coptic Christian churches around the country took place, with at least 30 churches, schools, and cultural centers being burned, looted, or otherwise disturbed. Many Egyptians blame the attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood, but no group has taken credit for the attacks.

How can we pray to support peace, when the situation in Egypt seems to be deteriorating so quickly? One place to start is by challenging the concept that  Egypt — or any part of the world, for that matter — can be defined by intolerance, instability, or insecurity. “Counteracting hate” explains the motivation behind mindless violence as impersonal evil, which can be neutralized by the collective understanding that God is the Father and Mother of all, an all-powerful force for unity, and that He does not not sanction violence in His name.

You may also enjoy reading “Egypt and North Africa: what happens now?” The author affirms that, in essence, God is happening — in other words, He is surely guiding and guarding military, religious, and civilian leaders in Egypt and the greater Middle East to make wise and honest decisions, and inspiring citizens to voice themselves in ways that do not harm others. And this same divine guidance will lead Egypt forward into a more stable political future.

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