Would I ever see my dog again?

Originally appeared online in the teen column: Your Healings - January 20, 2017

It was summertime, and my best friend was over. We were both really hungry, so we asked my mom if she would drive us to get food. On the way, I felt a sort of worry pass through me. I started to think about my dog, Kiah, because I wondered if she was OK. Once, Kiah had somehow escaped from the backyard. The neighbors had found her down the street and brought her home, but now I was concerned she might have escaped again. I asked my mom if Kiah was in the backyard. My mom assured me that she was, so I let go of the worry. 

When we arrived home with our food, my friend and I thought we’d go into the living room to eat and watch TV. But first I wanted to bring Kiah into the house. When I went out into the back, she was gone. I started to freak out. I ran into the house and told my mom and my friend. We all went outside and called her name, but there was no sign of her. 

My mom got into the car while my friend and I jumped on our skateboards and searched for her around the neighborhood. We asked a bunch of people if they had seen her, but no one had.

After four hours of searching, my friend and I decided to go home and my mom continued driving around. When we got home, I broke down crying, thinking I would never see my dog again. I decided to go into another room to pray. 

I began by knowing that God was taking care of Kiah, so she couldn’t be harmed. I knew that as one of God’s ideas, she was completely safe. I remembered the part of the 91st Psalm that says, “He [God] shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways” (verse 11).  

I felt so strongly that what that psalm was saying was true, and I suddenly felt very calm. At that exact moment, a thought, almost like a voice, came to me that Kiah was in the backyard. I went outside, but I still couldn’t find her. So I listened for God’s guidance again, and the thought came to look in the hole in our fence. That didn’t make sense, because the hole was very small. But I went to the hole anyway and yelled for Kiah.

I heard a whimper! I called to her again to make sure. She whimpered and jumped, and I saw her face. I had found Kiah.

I climbed the fence, which was about 15 feet tall, and saw that she had trapped herself between the fence, a wall, and a bunch of trash cans. She was breathing very rapidly and shaking. I couldn’t reach her, and I knew that we had to get her out of there immediately.

I called my mom and told her the news. My mom was still driving around the neighborhood, but on her way back, she saw our neighbor, who happens to be a fireman. She explained the circumstances, and he hopped in her car and came to help. He was able to climb the fence and lift our dog to safety. 

When Kiah came into the house, she was still shaking, but she was overjoyed to see us. And very quickly she was back to normal—as if nothing had happened.

I knew this was a healing. In that quiet place of prayer, I was able to hear God’s voice. This experience showed me that God really is always there, protecting us and guiding us.

Originally appeared online in the teen column: Your Healings - January 20, 2017

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