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From the March 29, 1958 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

To protect mankind from sickness should be the concern of religion as well as medicine. The world's greatest religionist, Christ Jesus, was no more helpless before disease than he was before sin. In fact, he healed every disease and every sickness among the people. His remedy for disease was spiritual understanding, the understanding of the true nature of God as Spirit and of man's spiritual or Godlike nature.

Although its premise and practice are not generally understood, Christian Science is restoring to the world the lost element of spiritual healing. And those who know the superior values of this Science have no hesitancy in depending upon it even in what appear to be emergencies such as a threatened epidemic.

Christian Scientists recognize that fear, ignorance, sin, and superstition are the offending errors in thought which make an epidemic possible. Those who believe otherwise, who look only for physical causes and material remedies, should be grateful that there is a system of healing that takes mental, moral, and spiritual values into consideration. In fact, they should welcome a healing agency that for nearly a century has been contending successfully with disease.

Mary Baker Eddy proved the efficacy of her discovery before she offered it to the world. And she writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 493), "Disease is an experience of so-called mortal mind." Then she adds: "It is fear made manifest on the body. Christian Science takes away this physical sense of discord, just as it removes any other sense of moral or mental inharmony." She also declares emphatically (ibid., p. 176), "Truth handles the most malignant contagion with perfect assurance."

It is not, then, our thinking that handles a malignant contagion. It is the power of Truth active in our thinking that handles it—and with perfect assurance.

Is it not a phase of superstition to believe that at intervals we must submit to a crippling epidemic? Superstition is always error, and Truth is its remedy. Viruses are as much a product of mortal mind, material thinking, as are the fears and superstitions it would impose on mankind. If it could do so, material sense, the false sense of existence, would condition human thought for an epidemic. Then it would offer millions of doses of vaccine as the only way to ward off the disastrous effects of fearful, superstitious thinking.

Spiritual sense provides dependable immunity from disease. Christian Scientists are grateful for the opportunity to prove this. Through spiritual sense they lift up a standard of spiritual knowing that will eventually annul all mesmeric influences of material sense and avert threatened epidemics and disasters.

Christian Scientists look upon a threatened epidemic as an aggressive presentation of error to their thinking, which only Truth can handle. By "handle," they mean "dispose of." When the power of Truth in our thinking handles error, it actually and scientifically makes nothing of it.

Truth never causes one to ignore error. Until Truth disposes of error, error will seem to handle us, make our efforts against it of none effect. So, we begin as well as end with error's nothingness. We seek to prove that regardless of how real or true error seems to be, it never gets out of its own state of nothingness.

As Christian Scientists, we stand on the First Commandment. That is, we acknowledge the presence of but one God, one cause, one source, one substance, one power, one influence, one law. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" (Ex. 20:3) demands that we acknowledge Spirit, Soul, to be the source of our health, the one and only cause of our well-being.

God's eternal love preserves this well-being through His eternal laws. Because Spirit is infinite, man lives in Soul, not in matter. Since Spirit is the only substance, no infectious substances exist. And so none can enter the spiritual atmosphere in which man lives and moves and breathes.

Suggestions of evil, even when outlined in microscopic organisms, do not impress us when we know that they are without authority. The power of Truth in our thinking forbids their entrance and so protects our thoughts, our bodies, our experiences.

Error cannot take from us our God-derived individuality. It cannot induce us to exploit its evil predictions by accepting and spreading them. Divine protection is available to all who love God, good. Divine promises are fulfilled, not thwarted, in the lives of all who put God above all else. When based upon spiritual understanding, courage cannot lapse into fear.

No prediction of evil can fret or confuse the thought that maintains its unity with divine Mind. No suggestion of evil can spoil one's disposition, undermine his health, or seal his doom. This is what Christian Science promises. It reduces error in all its forms to self-liquidating nothingness.

Truth opens our eyes to the modes of mental malpractice. It exposes their falsity. Then what appears as the subtlety of malpractice cannot deceive us. Nor can its suggestions be mistaken for our own thoughts.

God endows man with freedom from error. Man's health, being spiritual in nature, is incorruptible. Man's identity is permeated with spiritual energies which can never be contaminated.

Ideas such as these are imparted to our consciousness by the power of Christ, Truth, which is active in our thinking. These ideas are like light shining in darkness. Truth is irresistible, and being superior to our seeming material environment, it cannot be reversed, nor can it be annulled.

As Mrs. Eddy writes (Science and Health, p. 149): "Since God, divine Mind, governs all, not partially but supremely, predicting disease does not dignify therapeutics. Whatever guides thought spiritually benefits mind and body. We need to understand the affirmations of divine Science, dismiss superstition, and demonstrate truth according to Christ."

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