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From the February 7, 1948 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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As we rode through the country on a beautiful autumn afternoon, all nature aflame with glory, the thought-provoking remark was made: "Have you ever heard the theory that there is but one sense, that of feeling? The other four senses, according to this theory, represent varying degrees of feeling; in much the same way that one keyboard represents the entire compass of a piano and includes low, middle, high, and intermediate registers. Thus tone and color are felt rather than heard or seen."

Even our common parlance recognizes this to a degree, for we speak of music as rich in color and of nature as a grand symphony. The great Beethoven was totally deaf when he composed some of his most soul-stirring masterpieces, and almost everyone, be he artist or not, experiences moments when he feels a beauty too sublime for any canvas to portray.

A dictionary defines the verb "feel" in part as, "To perceive by sensation... To be conscious of (a subjective state)... To be conscious of an inward impression, state of mind, etc." Thus if feeling is acknowledged to comprise all sense impression, existence is wholly mental, a state of mind rather than a state of sentient physicality. Mary Baker Eddy, in her little volume "Rudimental Divine Science" (p. 6), quotes with evident approval the assertion of Professor S. P. Langley that color is in us, not in the rose. According to this, not what we see or hear—or even what we eat—but rather what we feel determines what we see and hear and the harmony of our being.

The commonly accepted theory about man and his sensibilities differs radically from this. The mortal is educated to believe that he is a finite entity, dependent for his impressions of the world in which he lives upon his ability to perceive that which is external to himself. Thus he often strains to see and strains to hear, and in the measure that any one of his material senses fails, he believes himself to be cut off from that which is going on around him. Likewise does he often build about himself a wall of self-consciousness behind which he suffers from the repressive belief that he cannot express his true self and feeling. To this false, restricting sense of existence Christian Science brings the glorious message of liberation that there is but one Mind and that Mind is God.

In "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy says (p. 86): "Earth is more spiritually beautiful to my gaze now than when it was more earthly to the eyes of Eve. The pleasant sensations of human belief, of form and color, must be spiritualized, until we gain the glorified sense of substance as in the new heaven and earth, the harmony of body and Mind." Again she says (No and Yes, p. 19), "While material man and the physical senses receive no spiritual idea, and feel no sensation of divine Love, spiritual man and his spiritual senses are drinking in the nature and essence of the individual infinite."

The revelation of Christian Science that Soul is God, Spirit, destroys the illusion of mortality. It annihilates the belief of life in matter and demonstrates Life as divine Mind, which includes within itself all the phenomena of existence. Within its own infinitude Soul reflects and embraces all identity in the rhythmic beauty, purity, perfection, loveliness, and eternality of its own immortal nature.

Now man's individuality is the image and likeness of God, hence wholly spiritual. Now, in holy, heavenly satisfaction, his spiritual senses are drinking in the nature and essence, the bliss and harmony, the peace and security, of his immortal Godlikeness. Said the Psalmist (Ps. 36:8), "They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house [spiritual consciousness]; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures." The so-called material man and his physical senses are an inversion of truth, the mirage of error, the nothingness of vacuity. The only sensation of which man is capable is experienced through spiritual sense, which feels divine Love. The touch of Love obliterates pain; the radiance of Life dissipates darkness and death.

"The pleasant sensations of human belief, of form and color," are spiritualized in proportion as tone, color, quality, quantity, form, and substance are restored to the category of Mind, through the understanding that there are not two states and stages of being, matter and Spirit, but one alone, namely, Spirit. Spirit is the only creator, and creation here and now is the emanation of Spirit, hence wholly spiritual. As earth-bound sense loosens and fades to its nothingness, creation is seen by each one of us to be as spiritual as the sense we entertain of it.

What Soul-searching beauty is ours to feel when, through the lens of divine Science, God is understood as one complete, perfect whole, and man, His expression, is seen to be as indivisible as God. Then it will be proved that man is not divided by race, color, creed, or human theory, and the image of God will shine forth in resplendency and might. Says Mrs. Eddy in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 264), "Spiritual living and blessedness are the only evidences, by which we can recognize true existence and feel the unspeakable peace which comes from an all-absorbing spiritual love." And she adds, "When we learn the way in Christian Science and recognize man's spiritual being, we shall behold and understand God's creation,—all the glories of earth and heaven and man."

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