No more prostate cancer symptoms

This testimony is long overdue, but I hope it will bless others. This healing happened at a time when, in addition to a full-time job, I had taken on what proved to be a very time-consuming, voluntary responsibility, which I took very seriously and that felt like the equivalent of a second job. I was so engrossed in giving my best effort to this responsibility that I didn’t notice I’d become increasingly disappointed and resentful about certain circumstances in my life. 

Then one day in the break room at work, I happened to sit down in front of a magazine that was open to a full-page drug advertisement listing in bold print the symptoms of prostate cancer. As I inadvertently scanned this list, I realized I’d recently begun to experience most, if not all, of those symptoms. Since I’d had many healings through Christian Science, I decided not to seek a medical diagnosis, but my symptoms matched that list and were often painful to the point of distraction. 

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I’ve found Christian Science to be an effective means of health care all my life, and as a member of The Mother Church and a Christian Science branch church, I think it’s important to mention that there is no church rule about members seeking out, or not seeking out, medical attention. I haven’t considered medical means when I’ve been faced with challenges because my experiences with Christian Science have consistently proved that trusting God’s love and care is not ignoring a problem, but the safest and most effective solution. In the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes: “Scripture informs us that ‘with God all things are possible,’—all good is possible to Spirit; but our prevalent theories practically deny this, and make healing possible only through matter. These theories must be untrue, for the Scripture is true” (p. 232). So I felt sure this condition could be healed in the same way Christ Jesus healed, which is thoroughly explained in the Christian Science textbook.

Looking back, I now see that my strongest need was for a lot of spiritual growth. I needed to consistently express an essential factor in Christian Science, which is unconditional brotherly love. It took about seven months before I snapped out of mental blindness. During that time, I was extremely grateful for periodic encouragement and prayerful support from, at different times, two very patient and compassionate Christian Science practitioners. 

Once I realized I’d been accepting disappointment and resentment as justifiable, I knew forgiveness and compassion must take their place in my view of the circumstances I’d been disturbed about. I also had to forgive myself for not having been, at times, more alert and spiritually-minded. As I worked at this, the physical condition barely changed, but my viewpoint gradually did. It became clearer to me that human circumstances do not govern us, because God is the only real cause and we can consistently turn to Him, confidently knowing He will always be there for us. Eddy put it this way: “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” (Science and Health, p. 494).

I understood a little better the eternal fact that God’s unlimited love and goodness are an infallible support, which is constantly with each of us. As these truths I’d learned in Christian Science gradually crystallized for me, the fear of the pain left me and every cancer symptom vanished. There was no more disappointment, no more resentment, no more fear or pain—just peace, joy, love, and intense gratitude to God for His ubiquitous, unchanging truth. 

A couple of times in the following few years it felt as if some symptoms were returning, but I gratefully rejected those aggressive mental suggestions as totally bogus and claimed my God-given freedom from anything that doesn’t originate with God. The healing was complete well over 15 years ago and has been permanent. 

This experience was a real milestone in my understanding and practice of Christian Science. I’m forever grateful to God for the spiritual truths that replace our misconceptions and for the teachings of Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy that enable anyone to understand and demonstrate those truths in very practical ways.

Bruce Higley 
Sacramento, California, US

Testimony of Healing
The joy that is mine
August 26, 2013

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