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Eye on the World: Wildfires in Tasmania

- Eye on the World

Fires burned across more than 50,000 acres of the Australian island of Tasmania over the weekend and into Monday, driven by record-high temperatures across the country last week. The fires have killed no one, but have displaced thousands of residents and destroyed more than 100 homes and buildings. Several fires continue to burn across the state, and firefighters are working to contain them. Prime Minister Julia Gillard visited areas that were affected over the weekend. Temperatures are expected to drop significantly in the middle of the week, providing relief to Tasmania. 

There’s a way that each of us can respond to threats of wildfire and other natural disasters, no matter where we live or what threat we’re facing.

Prayers for wildfires” lays the groundwork for spiritually scientific prayer about wildfires and other natural disasters. When we acknowledge the presence and activity of a living God, the author points out, we displace the thought that we are facing challenges alone, and we aid the containment of dangerous fires. This may be accomplished through previously unseen firefighting resources, or through changing weather conditions, or through some other factor — but the paramount point is that God’s laws have supremacy over destructive material conditions.

Last summer several western US states, including Colorado, were threatened by wildfires when conditions were similarly hot and dry. “Prayers for Colorado,” written at the time, argues that natural disasters can’t originate in or be sanctioned by divine Love, and that God’s creation includes only elements that are nourishing, sustaining, and safe.  

You’ll also be interested in “Frontline prayers for firefighters,” which offers a basis for safety that’s rooted in the Bible. God, the author notes, is the all-powerful intelligence directing us all to the most inspired courses of action. And as we more clearly perceive His direction, we can expect to see wildfires and other threats decrease.

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